Signs of lung cancer and its symptoms, types and methods of treatment

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We show you today through the website of the pharmacy information on lung cancer, childhood all of the lung is a type of cancer and what affects lung and mostly, this disease affects people over 45 years, and rarely affects people younger than this age, as there is a misconception among many that a person who gets lung cancer is a smoker just this is of course a misconception as there are studies and researches proved that about 25 % Of the affected with lung cancer are not smokers from the closet, and this type of cancers of types of dangerous as this type is the first cause of mortality of cancer in the United States, and we are therefore pleased to offer you today through the website of the pharmaceutical information about the symptoms of lung cancer and how it can be cured and what is its types, so we hope that you will take advantage of this information and we hope that impair you like it.

يوجد نوعين رئيسيين من سرطان الرئةThere are two main types of lung cancer.

Types of lung cancer

There are two main types of lung cancer, it can be clarified as follows :

First / lung cancer with small cells

It is the most prevalent and starts mostly in the bronchial tubes and is easy to spread to other parts of the body, and smoking causes injury of this type basically.

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Second, lung cancer cells non-small

This product is also not rare as there’s other types of lung cancer not these types, and each type is distinguished from others by several characteristics.

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يعتبر التدخين هو السبب الرئيسي في الاصابة بسرطان الرئةSmoking is the main cause of lung cancer

Week lung cancer

Smoking is considered to be the main reason and the one of lung cancer, and we mean smoking of cigarette smoking but smoking anything else such as tobacco or shisha, the more the habit of smoking whenever a man his life to the risk of lung cancer, therefore you should quit or abstain from smoking in order to preserve our health, it should be noted that smoking is not the only factor that may cause lung cancer if there are other risk factors could be clarified Cam follows :

  • Exposure to passive smoking ( inhalation of cigarette smoke without smoking ).
  • Exposure to radon gas.
  • Exposure is contaminated.
  • Exposure to radiation a lot.

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Symptoms of lung cancer

There is a group of symptoms that indicate cancer of the lung, and these symptoms are as follows :

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  • Persistent cough for several weeks.
  • Feeling pain in the chest.
  • The exit of phlegm accompanied by blood.
  • Not being able to breathe easily.
  • Whistling in the chest.
  • Squeak this squeak indicates obstruction in the airways.
  • The sound shift to become more roughness.
  • Weight loss significantly.
  • Pain in the muscles and fever.

يجب الحذر من الاعراض التي تدل على الاصابة بسرطان الرئةBe cautious of the symptoms that are indicative of lung cancer

Treatment of lung cancer

The doctor is solely responsible for determining the type of treatment that must be followed depending on the stage reached by the cancer, there are some cases may be recommended by her doctor only comfortable and treat the symptoms causing for the pain, such as shortness of breath, can be summarized the most important methods of treatment through the following :

First / surgery

There are certain procedures especially surgery, can be explained as follows :

  • Resection of the sphenoid and by that we mean the removal of a small part of the lung, and this part is the one that contains the tumor.
  • Partial resection and in the case of the part that contains the tumor is bigger.
  • Lobectomy by that we mean take a clove the whole of the lungs to the tumor.
  • Lung resection of the whole cancer treatment.

II / radiation therapy

Is the use of radiation therapy through the use of many sources of energy such as X-rays and protons with the aim to get rid of cancer cells, where the patient to lie down and be your stuff towards the parts of specific body.

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III / chemotherapy

Is the use of chemotherapy to kill cancer cells and can use a person type one or more drugs, can be taken Day by IV or by mouth.

IV / immunotherapy

In this type of treatments is the use of the immune system to get rid of lung cancer, this type specific for those who suffer from cancer in advanced stages.

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We introduced to you today through the website of the pharmacy important information about lung cancer and what are the kinds in addition to symptoms that appear and on contracting this dangerous disease that is considered is the first reason for of cancer death in the United States, and we also on the different treatment methods where the physician is solely responsible for the best way to treatment based on the pathological condition and the stage of the cancer ……………….. We hope that this information has said You Won your satisfaction ones more themes associated with information about different medicines through the the site pharmacy.

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