Signs of intelligence of the child since his birth

There is a group of signs of intelligence of the child shows the growth of his mind and at the same time may give us these signs answer to the question that you want every mother to know the answer.

Every mother want to know you will become her son’s intelligent and distinct or not, here are the highlights of these signs, what would indicate it.

What are the signs of intelligence of the child

The child’s capacity for observation and concentration

Signs of intelligent child , he can focus on the surrounding objects, and events that occur around him for a long time.

This is the first key to intelligence, some children end up fat quick didn’t they hear and see it more than other children.

Increasing the concentration power of the child increase with your age, you can note this by the method of the child control of things.

Where we find that it doesn’t seem to react quick, but take time to observe what’s going on in his surroundings accurately the.

It also says sucking his finger during the process of coding and analysis, which means that it inspects what he sees and before he could make any reaction.

At this time the mother should leave the child is steeped in its focus, it should also help him to think.

As well as we have to avoid distracting his attention during these moments, because it goes through a lot of things which develop his mind and his thought.

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The use of motor skills

Of the signs of intelligence of the child availability of sensory-motor skills, we find that he feels the music and responds in one time.

For example, when you see something happy smiles and begins to move its members to express happiness.

Unlike the other children don’t seem to be any impressions, not giving any feedback.

Further attempts of the child continuing to apply the same freedoms, it’s like it starts to early, or he can walk early, even if he fell, all of this shows the development of his motor skills quickly.

There is also something else about the skills of the craft, which his repeated attempts to kiss his hand on something he wants.

Thinking on how to get this thing in various ways, we find some kids trying to stand on the seat so they can access what they want from the things that are on something high.

Check in early

If the child smarter, and faster development for the idea and mentality, it causes a tooth in a lot of things.

Of them like to talk early about kids your age, it is a general the first.

Has become has the capability to pronounce some words, and highlight things you see in the pictures.

After several months, you find it says more than a complete sentence correct and understandable, thus it requires the performance stage after the other.

Showing a readiness to perceive a lot of facts, absorbing information and ideas.

Curiosity got the child

Smart child we find that it seems curious in all positions, and this is evident in his reactions and his, without even expressing it in words.

So he tries to catch anything is in front of him to recognize it, and in an advanced stage.

Find it has started to give signals to express what’s on his mind of questions, that starts in college when they do not belong to his queries everyday queries about everything.

ذكاء الطفل

The child’s social

Important tags that indicate a child’s intelligence from a young age, she love to sit in the pool and his fear of Crowded Places.

But find that he enjoys sex Social where the voices of the many, and the impressions of the people around him.

Because he wants to be involved with them, but he can’t. small age.

Ease of learning and many simulators

As soon as mother starts talking, or performing a certain movement, find the child began attempts to imitate, to be able to emulate.

Which confirms that he has the qualities distinctive to the rapid development, which means that it can store information in his mind, then starts to apply them after it when he can.

The back to develop some attitudes or things in yet, because I still think of them, and has the desire and control to do, when the time is right.

Water things living

The child who loves adventure and fear is difficult, it is definitely a smart kid, unlike the child who turns away from the intricate details, always looks for the easiest and simplest.

This is an indication of the intelligence of the child but his genius, it helps to develop the various skills he has, which works to increase opportunities for the development of his mind and open it.

Insist on his wishes.

Some children learn quickly if they are not implementing their demands, or to satisfy their desire to get what they want.

As the smart kid so he has determined to carry out his wishes, is called to it in every way possible until he gets what he wants.

This may cause inconvenience to his parents, but it is in fact a positive indication is not enjoyed by the child of intelligence.

It means that he will not give in to any obstacles, and will always try to overcome any obstacles he faces.

Therefore, parents should provide support in this regard, but taking into account not to talk of spoiled child more than it should be.

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