Signs of a miscarriage and him and how it can be prevented

The elements of the decision

We show you today through the website of the pharmacy information about abortion and its most obvious symptoms not the causes that lead to abortion, and abortion that exit and fetal death incomplete growth of the uterus in the blood picture, there are many signs that refer to abortion in pregnant women such as bleeding and blood met a comic extreme weakness of the body, generally this occurs during the first five months of pregnancy, This is what needs to care and go to the doctor for some operations, you know the process of cleaning of the uterus or coughing out blood, and on the inside of the uterus do not even lead to the occurrence of pre-eclampsia and women at risk, we will act on many matters related to abortion and all this will explain it to you through the website of the pharmacy in addition to the symptoms and reasons that indicate the occurrence of abortion in pregnant women, we expect to benefit from this information and wish to sleep like it.

الشعور بآلام في البطن وبقع الدم المتجلطة من اهم دلالات الاجهاضFeeling abdominal pain and spot of blood clotted of the most important indications devices

Symptoms and signs of miscarriage

There’s a group of symptoms that explain the occurrence of the miscarriage of the fetus, these symptoms are as follows:

1 – the main display shows the occurrence of abortion in the early months of pregnancy is the occurrence of vaginal bleeding out blood is set.
2 – Learn Egyptian women to abortion to the pain and cramps vary in intensity from severe to simple sometimes the lower back and abdomen.
3 – catch of the gastrointestinal tract a lot of unrest due to the change of hormones where women get vomiting and constant nausea and diarrhea.
4 – injury to the body tremors and general weakness with markedly high temperature.

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في حالة ظهور اي اعراض للاجهاض يجب استشارة الطبيبIn the case of appearance of any symptoms of miscarriage you should consult your doctor

Reasons for the occurrence of abortion

There are a bunch of causes that lead to abortion, and for these reasons are summarized as follows:

1 – Choose the causes that lead to abortion but it’s not a collage, it could be one reason is that displays of women’s need for abortion, there is also reason to the will of God is the incompleteness of the fetus West the occurrence of some congenital malformations or chromosomal sometimes abortion is beneficial to the mother.
2 – as we mentioned there are causes of individual lead to abortion it is for these reasons practicing some sporting activities, extreme and big stuff and heavy in the first months of pregnancy.
3. the general weakness of the body and the higher proportion of anemia. one of the reasons that lead to abortion.
4 – instability in hormones change dramatically lead to know need to watch a glandular thyroid used and therefore displays of its devices.
5 – exposure to certain radiation harmful to the fetus.
6. expresses the need for some major mental disorders and the severe and changing hormones known devices.
7 – pregnancy and at times advanced him above the age of forty may expose women to finish off.
8. expresses the need للإصابه some chronic diseases continued as heart, liver, kidney, diabetes and lack of control in his rate.
9. drink a lot of alcohol and smoking continuous affect on the fetus.

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عند حدوث الاجهاض يجب اجراء عملية تنظيف للرحمUpon the occurrence of abortion should be performed in the process of cleaning of the uterus

Methods of treatment and Prevention of the occurrence of a miscarriage

There are total of tips and guidelines that can be followed for miscarriage treatment and Prevention, the tips in the following :

1 – avoid harmful habits and get away from the causes of abortion that we have mentioned to you previously.
2. consult your doctor in taking some stabilizers pregnancy in the first few months and get folic acid in certain proportions it refers to the doctor.
3. when exposure to actual devices you must visit the doctor and follow all the ways to take care of the disease by doing some cleaning operations, such as curettage and cleaning of the vagina from the remnants of the blood absence of pre-eclampsia.

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We introduced to you today through the website of the pharmacy information about the equipment that may affect any holder during the first few months of pregnancy, we reminded the students that may lead to its occurrence, and so once women figure out that she is pregnant must take all measures of protection and Prevention even pass the pregnancy easily and ………….. We hope that this information has said You Won your satisfaction and look out for more topics associated with health problems and how to treat them and prevent them from through the website of the pharmacy.

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