Sign finger comes: available treatment options and how to prevent it

Have you noticed swelling in your big toe and redness with how you feel severe pain especially when you touch it, this is what displays the fingering comes, so we’ll stop in this article about the finger comes and what is the relationship of the finger comes and you can prevent it?

The finger comes

The ingrown toenail or finger comes both two names for the same disease, which occurs due to penetrate the corners of the back Assembly are within the tissue of the updated interactive inflammatory about it, which enhances the chance of developing a bacterial infection in that area.

The causes of fingering comes

Think the ingrown toenail is more common in adolescents and elderly, as there are several reasons increase the chances of infection of them:

  • Cut nails incorrectly (the story in a way non-planar).
  • Wearing tight shoes.
  • Injury to the fingers in the area of the nail by exposure to stab or hit in the back.
  • Non-observance of the system of the fingers.
  • The presence of congenital malformations in the fingers.

The symptoms of the ingrown toenail

Symptoms finger comes on the form of redness and swelling in the affected finger, accompanied by pain especially when you put pressure on it or touch it, you may notice the patient some myths which show the symptoms:

  • Redness and swelling of the finger.
  • Pain in the finger.
  • Bleeding from the back.
  • The exit of pus.
  • The growth of the body are abnormally around the nail.

Sign finger comes

Choose methods of treatment and stages depending on the severity of symptoms suffered by the patient. The division of the stages of treatment and methods as follows:

  • Sign finger comes tail symptoms light

Is treating the symptoms light pain redness simple which is not accompanied by abscess often treatment is done at home, this includes treatment:

  1. Put a piece of cotton down the area planted of the nail so that separates it from the tissue underneath it.
  2. The use of adhesive tape is placed on top of the nail and keep it screwed up, what relieves pressure on the tissue below reduces the severity of symptoms.
  3. Immersing the foot in water, soapy warm for 10-20 minutes a day and twice a week, and then put one of the creams steroid on the affected area.
    You can use warm water and add salt instead of soap.
  4. The use of Pillar conditions varies its shape depending on the nature of the injury.
  • Sign finger comes the tail of the extreme symptoms

In the case of acute symptoms which are accompanied by abscess is not treated surgically often, include:

  1. Clean the finger and then is anesthetized by a local anesthetic.
  2. With surgical scissors, the expansion of the affected area and separating the tissue from the back and then remove it.
  3. Is to remove the infected tissue and the dead and clean the area fully.
  4. The antibiotics topical to minimize the risk of bacterial infection after the surgical procedure, and types of cream most teachers “Bacitracin” were “Mupirocin”.
  5. Review after four or five days to check on the wound and to follow any complications.

For patients who suffer from the ingrown toenail in the level, the studies indicate that the treatment of the finger comes continuously surgically with the use of some disinfectants is the best way in this regard.

How can the Prevention of the ingrown toenail

To avoid finger comes take care is the level of cleanliness of feet and wear a pair of comfortable shoes in addition to cut the nails in the form of a straight line and without taking a large part of the afternoon.


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