Sexual harassment and the harasser

Sexual harassment and the harasser

Psychoanalysis of the personality of the harasser

Sexual harassment of the most important issues of violence in different parts of the world, and that requires raising awareness and breaking the silence

Let’s do together the personality of the harasser based on the opinions of professors of psychology and sociology

Person the harasser loses control of himself and has a tendency to decay, as it’s the person who loses feelings

He explained the science of Psychiatry that the person the harasser is someone who is not only a “site”, and obey his ideas intraday without thinking about its consequences, as you find on the face of them a smile of victory after attacking his victim

And from the attributes of the psychopath that he repeats the same wrong behavior and does not contain general laws, you have to find the harasser practiced other behaviors are wrong, such as also the dead…. Etc if you had the opportunity to do so

Source: the seventh day

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