Sexual abuse … a cry, a muffled impact on the victim

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Sexual abuse and sexual violence is any sexual act by violence or coercion or pressure on personnel and shoved them up the nationality or actions do not comply with the sexual orientation of the person, regardless of the sign of the aggressor and the victim.

The event of sexual violence in different situations of peace or armed conflict, which is widespread around the world and is considered one of the most serious violations of human rights prevalent their sexual violence is a serious problem of public health problems and the impact of large, long-term mental and physical health of the victim, including an increased likelihood of exposure to sexual and reproductive health, increasing the probability of infection with immune deficiency, acquired (AIDS) and increase the chance of suicide when the victim

Sexual violence is a form of violence it is possible to be done by the parents or caregivers or acquaintances, and strangers.

Sexual violence continues to be stigmatized to a large extent in different parts of the world, so the levels of disclosure of abuse vary between regions. But in general, there are no reported cases of sexual violence in a lot of cases. Thus, the limited data available on this issue reduce the real size of the problem, in addition to the sexual violence area neglected by research and surveys, and therefore we need a deeper understanding of the law for the promotion of coordinated movements anti.

Domestic sexual violence is more prevalent than sexual violence resulting from the conflict. Think married couples often at their disposal to force their spouses to do the work of the particular nationality of the draft because they practice it with their spouses

Historical perspective of sexual violence

Was seen to sexual violence since the ancient Greeks until the twentieth century that it is “normal” and familiar and it happens only to women in times of war and even in times of peace, which is what led to the loss of any indications on the methods and the size of this type of violence in that period. Has continued it until the end of the twentieth century when it began to change people’s view of the sexual violence began to shift gradually from the familiar question secondary to the offence.

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