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Introduction research on public health

Refers to the concept of mental health to extend the body’s state of relative balance, and that happens with Air human factors that don’t affect it, aim and private institutions of health care to provide health care services to people, education and health for them to control infectious diseases and transitional aims of those institutions to control all diseases and early diagnosis diseases and provide proper medications and treatment and who face the diseases physical and psychological with the provision of methods of diversified health care services nursing different .

The definition of Public Health

The World Health Organization defines health as being free the human body from the diseases and disabilities with the body of well being physical, mental and psychological, social full here’s health to include all aspects of mental, psychological, physical and also social .

Health care and its importance

Health care personnel refers to all health services and protective factors offered by the Directorate of health care centres and hospitals for the entire population with the aim of improving the level of health of individuals and of their spread and to prevent ALL diseases and disorders of all kinds and offer these institutions a number of important health services, including the following :

  • Keep the environment clean and reduce the pollution of food, water and air .
  • Care of the family and provide family planning services and care for mothers during pregnancy and childbirth .
  • The provision of health services for children after birth and provide the preventive measures of diseases.
  • Early diagnosis of all diseases and their treatment and reduction .

Levels and types of health care

– Primary health care : refers to a range of preventive health services provided to individuals with the aim of reducing the incidence of diseases and epidemics spread the culture of Health necessary to limit the prevalence and spread of diseases and various health .

– Secondary health care : a group therapeutic services provided in health care institutions after the occurrence of the diseases, disorders already, which includes diagnostic tests and analysis used etc. for the diagnosis of disease and appropriate treatment .

– Health care qualification : is a set of treatment services provided to patients who suffer from chronic diseases or permanent disabilities-services to the finest of those offered in the first two levels, namely, services aimed at the rehabilitation of these patients for a better life both physically and psychologically .

Places to provide medical care services

  • Sector general government : is in the Ministry of Health and affiliated institutions .
  • Private: and is represented in private health institutions such as hospitals, clinics and private medical centers.
  • Cats International: the organization of global health .

Conclusion research on public health

Health serves as a pillar of society should not be to neglect the cat or to rejoice in it as it should rejoice at all the factors and causes that cause deterioration of health, whether physical or psychological as the smoking such as drug addiction, alcohol as well as attention to proper nutrition and exercise any kind of sport regularly and other factors that help us maintain health .

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