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Hi, I’m a young man tried

I suffer from social phobia

To wit many forums, read many topics and asked to consult a lot of all the bullshit.

Important to do longer more than almost

I need a friend to have the fear or agoraphobia and are cut by chopping wood easy, I’m here

Please body of attitude I’m tired myself my all me I hope if in the person of the increase and the increase in the about me that he communicates with me and the owners of Al Fayed from all of this it’s person phobias Muppets ruled with NASA’s weird because the idea of they sense it and mistake it we land someone at the agoraphobia with NASA speakers or people personality powerful this thing is bear in a sick phobia and Peter’s life just for the hell of the eve of the heck if this person was someone with the same problems, but the treatment will change his life and scraped open P minimum always affects the strong characters going to say always affects when rather chum a thousand but OK on the topic of my communicating with me on the fact Father or Facebook agreed million percent. it’s my life and your life will change for the best I see and the theme to play the words of my God are all true and scraped show because I tried it once, went to the doctors at Fadden me know to include it?? Because his Dr. didn’t in me to decide in the You normal very IS but lost as he studied and sat the prints they do have Dr. Chater like someone tried nor?? And believe me, if I attended the 1000 lecture then use Xi use will increase and because of his visit I said you these two people or to you the fitter heckle they were called Anu sick phobia Betim me cancer and I’m far from this time for sure will say crazy yeah I’m crazy, you’re not a young man at the beginning of the age being manifest to you and the report but becuse this time I adultery my tried and caught up with many people hoping it’s set up, but for sitting removed and increases to conquer my extreme joy and God people made something about our case and doing guidance and her money income, the Muppets. the staff of the sleep phobia materials increase the normal people phobias my Muppets non-phobic like me.

Sorry for stretching Wi-friend phobic like me, I have the honour to communicate with me.

Almost it will change your life million 100

The number to


This open state (Jordan)


Or connect with me on Facebook


God writes our healing companions:

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