Sciatica all you need to know about sciatica exercises and what is a natural treatment fitting

Do you know one day you or one of your relatives affected with sciatica, and want to know the sciatica exercises used in the treatment of this disease and alleviate its symptoms, if you continue reading this article Center on this information.

Piriformis syndrome and “Perifomis muscle syndrome”

Is a painful condition known as sciatica which develop as a result of irritation or compression of the sciatic nerve near the muscle and the pear.

Raising muscles pear lower vertebrae of the spine in the upper part of the dialogue. Studies indicate that about 5% of cases of sciatica caused by piriformis syndrome, also are more common in women.

Causes of sciatica

There are several symptoms for this disease including:

  • Muscle spasm of the piriformis which causes irritation of the muscles or irritation in the sacroiliac joint and irritation of the sciatic nerve.
  • Tighten the muscles resulting from a direct hit.
  • Swelling of the muscles and pears.
  • Bleeding in the area of the buttocks.
  • Inflammation of the sciatic nerve.
  • Weakness of the muscles of the buttocks and thighs.

The symptoms of sciatica

  • Source syndrome the symptoms of sciatica; and severe pain radiating from the lower back or buttocks and runs to the back of the legs and duck feet.
  • Difficult to sit or put weight directly on the buttocks.
  • Pain when walking up and down stairs.
  • Spasm of the muscles of the pear.
  • The pain is aggravated due to the activity of the hip such as walking or sitting for long periods.
  • Numbness and tingling in the buttocks extends along the leg.
  • Decrease the range motion of my thigh.
  • Often symptoms become worse after long periods of sitting, walking, running, and after lying on the back.

Exercises sciatica

There are several exercises used in the treatment of sciatica and these exercises:

  1. Exercises range motion in my hip joint and thigh.
  2. Therapeutic massage for the muscles of the buttocks, pears, especially in the case of the presence of muscle tension, stimulates the massage healing by increasing blood supply to the area and reduce pain and muscle strain.
  3. Ice packs: lie on the abdomen put as ice on the area for 15-20 minutes, repeat from 2-4 hours, make sure you wrap the poultice with a cloth to avoid burning the skin.
  4. Evening snow: lie on the abdomen and ask someone to put a little oil on the area and then begins the massage with a big snowman gently for 10 minutes.
  5. Hot compresses: find some sick comfort in the use of heat compresses especially in the case of tightening in the muscle of the pear, used for 15-20 minutes, avoid sleeping on compresses for fear of explosion and exposure to the.
  6. Electrical therapy: apply a nerve stimulation electrode through the skin ” breathe TENS ” reduces the pain and muscle spasms associated with.
  7. Exercises elongation: the application of exercises to relieve muscle strain piriformis and relieve pressure on the sciatic nerve, it is recommended to apply each exercise 10 times after every prayer.

For other options used in the treatment of sciatica continued for our own from here.

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