Schizophrenia, how to understand him and help him

Book schizophrenia how to understand him and help him one of the most important books that dealt with talk about the schizophrenia within a scientific framework right away about the misconception that is often traded in novels or films and dramas that don’t cease to repeat the description of the schizophrenic about that person by several characters or restrict it only to the person who feels the plot scowl and only.

The book explains the language of position wanted what we know about schizophrenia and describes the rate last manat and valuable guidance for how to recognize the first signs of the disease and teaches us how to net with are>red united with a bid

The book composed of twelve chapters:

  • The first chapter: Don’t we ignore the schizophrenia
  • Chapter II: the harbingers of schizophrenia
  • Chapter II: description of schizophrenia
  • Chapter IV: the world of schizophrenia from the inside.
  • Chapter V: causes of schizophrenia
  • Chapter VI: methods of treatment of the main
  • Chapter VII: treatment at the hospital
  • The second chapter: daily life with the patient
  • Chapter IX: results, images, clinical, and methods of treatment and care
  • Chapter X: the helpers
  • Chapter XI: prevention
  • Chapter XIII: what do we learn from schizophrenia

The number of book pages 232 and the Arabic translator of press releases, World, version 156

The book by Dr. Silvano Arrietty is a professor of Clinical Psychiatry College of Medicine in New York and president of the
Edit the Encyclopedia of the American Psychiatry Association, and has received numerous scientific awards Sheraton Atlanta in the disease of schizophrenia and its treatment. No detailed study entitled “interpretation of schizophrenia,” wrote the specialist in addition to other studies many.

The book of the translation of the psychiatrist d.Atif Ahmed is the translation of all and has kept the knowledge very carefully

The book is available in paper form any outlets selling versions of the world of knowledge in the Arab world characterized by always the quality of the topics and the book, print quality, nevertheless the price is symbolic of the word.

You can also download your copy of electronic PDF of هنــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــا

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