Sardines what are the health benefits

The thickness of the sardines of the kinds of Little Fish, and discovered for thousands of years, it was stated that this type of fish that carries the name of the island that discovered this fish.

It is the island of Sardinia in the island of an Italian, because it was heavily present on this island.

Are fish sardines fresh, but because it is perishable, has become are more on body parameters.

The thickness of the sardine in the Pacific Ocean, The Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, this made her feature from the rest of the fish.

They contain a small percentage of the element mercury, which is found in the rest of the other fish, because they eat only plankton.

The nutritional benefits of clean sardines

Fish sardines small rich in nutrients and in relieving health problems, this food, protect from heart disease, and some cancers, and even they help in the healing of certain diseases like: endocrine diseases.

It is recommended to eat sardines for pregnant ladies, the elderly, because it is rich in calcium and important nutrients for the other.

سمكة السردين

Fatty acids omega “3 Omega”

May prevent omega-3, reduce the incidence of heart disease, because they contain anti-inflammatory Aniti inflammationi, sardines are rich in these materials.

Also increase the consequences of blood clots, which reduce the clotting of blood, low blood pressure.

Thus it is an ideal choice for happened to them heart attacks.


Think sardines are one of the sources of vitamin B-12, which enhances the blood circulation in the body in general, and in particular, and thus prevents energy.

Moreover, they are a rich source of vitamin D, which is one of the important elements needed for healthy bones.


Calcium of the elements that are in sardines in abundance, and thus becomes a sardine to choose a suitable for patients sensitive to lactose, and those bodies don’t move dairy products, therefore they need other sources to get calcium from them.

And also is suitable for pregnant women, so you get other forms of calcium, strengthen the bones of her unborn child.


Containing fish sardines small on a lot of vitamins, plus calcium, such as: zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, niacin, proteins.

Containing sardines too for protein, which is necessary for you to build bones and muscles healthy.

Helps protein also create antibodies and maintain the immune system we have. Well, it takes nutrients and oxygen to all parts of the body.

How to determine the sardines

If you want to buy canned sardines, they stimulate olive oil, also packed in water, this is an excellent option for those who follow the diet, to reduce fat.

And also be sure the date of packing and finishing the bottom of the flag, before buying, because there’s a lot of commercial fraud markets, and some people buy sardines fresh, no problem with that at all but favorite thing, but you must examination it first.

If you want to buy from them, you should be looking for fish with fresh scent and shiny, eyes bright.

السردين معلب

How to eat sardines

Can eating a lot of diverse meals, which contain sardines, because the food is varied, where it is used as a weapon, or sandwiches, or placed as a main dish, in case if the sardine info, it should be washed with cold water thoroughly.

If fresh, they should be cleaned very well, then rinse it and put a little water in a million, and when the processing of sardines can make some wonderful recipes below, and try these delicious recipes:

Greek salad with sardines

They are a delicious recipe it goes with a lot of important nutrients, with few calories, and also the recipe is easy to prepare.

Recipe for sardines with spaghetti

A recipe for a delicious and saturated with the addition of spaghetti no

Fresh sardines grilled

Put the sardines on the grill with olive oil and lemon, and put next to some appetizers such as: casserole Mediterranean Sea, this delicious recipe, take a little time in setup.

Curry sardines fast

If you are a fan of Curry is in the eating, this food an excellent choice for you.

Spring salad with vinegar and tarragon

Is the power out a lot of colors, and also has a delicious taste and fun, and loves her children very much

سمك السردين

Health needs to eat sardines

Eating sardines is a test not suitable for people with kidney problems, and people with gout, because it increases the ratio of uric acid in the body.

And thus accumulates in the blood, this be dangerous for patients with kidney, gout, so should these patients avoid eating sardines.

Canned sardines have a lot of salt, so you should be careful when ingested.

Especially if you are trying to reduce the proportion of salts in the body, and if you follow the diet specific food, you should also read the label on the flag.

This small fish has a bad reputation a little, but this lack of knowledge of their benefits, and their nutritional value.

Where to fish sardines small and contain a lot of benefits, and high nutritional value, despite their drawbacks very few.

When tested in a meal dinner, you have to make sure resolution download the sardine, it is a light dinner and quick, and take your time in setup.

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