Rhinoplasty why you are resorting to how to prepare for rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty “rhinoplasty” means surgery of the nose to change its shape or improve its function. The nose of two parts namely the upper part of the structure of the nose is the Super part, the lower part is cartilage, rhinoplasty can change the bone or the cartilage or the skin or all of them.

Reasons for performing rhinoplasty

This process is performed for several reasons, including:

  • Medical reasons such as correcting breathing problems related to nasal care nasal septum.
  • Treatment of deformities resulting from birth defects.
  • Cosmetic reasons to change the shape of the nose and its appearance.

The risks of rhinoplasty

As is the case with any major surgery, it may occur many risks that can occur after any operation, and these risks:

  • Bleeding.
  • Infection bacterial.
  • Control of drugs, anesthesia, and other complications of the anesthesia.

There are also concerns related to the process of rhinoplasty on particular examples:

  • Difficulty in breathing through the nose.
  • Injury numb Permanently in and around the nose.
  • Swelling of the nose.
  • Scar deformation of The Shape of the nose.
  • The occurrence of a hole in the wall of the case which may necessitate surgery another facility.

Preparing for the process

  • You must first interview your surgeon to discuss whether you are a good candidate for rhinoplasty or not, so that the two of you will discuss about why you want the surgery and what it hopes to be undertaken through a process, which in turn will tell you if it is possible or not, and then will take your history, ask you about:
  1. Any medications you are taking especially blood thinners such as aspirin are.
  2. Any chronic illnesses suffer from special diseases of the blood thinners Cheil.
  • Will also be your surgeon examine you clinically to determine the type of changes that can be made, the surgeon may blood tests and some other tests.
  • Include this advisory also photographing the nose from different angles, and use these images to evaluate the results after the operation.
  • You should avoid pain relievers that contain ibuprofen or aspirin for two weeks before and after surgery, as these drugs slow down the process of blood clotting and can make you bleed more.
  • You should stop smoking because smoking slows down the healing process of the wound as saved from the access of oxygen to the tissues, so prefer to quit.

The procedure

Rhinoplasty may be performed in the hospital or in the surgery of External, will the doctor uses local anesthesia or kidney depending on what you your case, but if the procedure is simple. you’ll receive a local anaesthetic to your nose mostly.

The surgeon will perform the operation for your nose after the separation of skin from cartilage and bone and then starts the reconfiguration, usually the process takes between an hour or two may take longer if surgery was complicated.

Follow-up after the operation

  • You may put your doctor splint a plastic or metallic on your nose to help maintain the new shape during the process of time there, and has put within your nose also to ensure the stability and constancy needed.
  • You’d be monitored after surgery in the recovery room for a few hours at least after the surgery, and if everything goes well, you’ll get out of the hospital on the same day, if this procedure is complicated, you may need to stay in hospital for a day or two to assess bleeding and swelling.
  • You may have stitches absorbable themselves, which means they wouldn’t need to be removed by a doctor, in case it wasn’t the stitches are absorbable so you’ll need to visit your doctor again a week after surgery to decipher the stitches.

Has your doctor tells you to avoid the following for a few weeks after the surgery:

  • Physical activity is hard work
  • Swimming
  • Inflatable or the nose.
  • Chewing and excessive pressure
  • Pull clothing over your head
  • Lack of exposure to sunlight immediately after the operation, because it may lead to a change in the color of this house permanently, make sure to cover them.

After the operation, you can return to work or school during the week, and can sometimes affect the process of rhinoplasty on the area surrounding the eyes or your eyelids, like stop for a few weeks, and there may be temporary numbness in the area surrounding the also, you can use cool compresses to reduce the swelling, and don’t forget to follow the doctor periodically.

The results of the rhinoplasty

Although rhinoplasty is a safe procedure and it was relatively easy, but to cure it may take some time, especially that the nose part account can remain sedated and on for several months.

You may recover completely within a few weeks, but may use some of the effects for several months, so don’t evaluate the final result of your surgery a year ago at least.


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