Remove yellowing of teeth

إزالة اصفرار الأسنان

إزالة اصفرار الأسنان

Treats most of us change the color of the teeth normal and teeth to a yellow color, and are always looking for better ways available, and we can remove yellowing of the teeth , and we’ll talk in this article together about the ways that you can follow to get rid of this Color annoying.

The causes of yellowing of teeth

  1. When the accumulation of foods or beverages in the mouth on the teeth or gums, working bacteria in the mouth convert these foods into acids, and the presence of many of the restorations on the teeth to configure the layer generation, which speak their color then to yellow and sometimes brown color.
  2. Or work acids eroding the enamel out of your teeth, and show a layer of ivory that are yellow in nature.

Know on: more reasons that work on the yellowing of the enamel layer from here.

Remove yellowing of teeth home.

Baking soda and water and oxygen

Of products available home, working on the removing the yellowing of teeth, where the baking soda to get rid of the external layer to zero, and whitening teeth, while the water of oxygen to provide the oxygen intake needed to eliminate the activity and growth of bacteria.

Can be made a paste of the two components together, and use as the teeth. Use this only twice a week, to protect the enamel layer from corrosion.

Vitamin C to remove yellowing of teeth

Some studies found that vitamin C works to reduce the chances of inflammation of the gums, and avoid the complications of gum disease, and thus prevents the availability of the supplies needed for the survival of the bacteria in the teeth and their growth.

Get rid of the yellowing of the teeth and the meanest understanding

When you use apple cider vinegar in small quantities, works to reduce the discoloration of the teeth, and also improve the color white, but must be used very cautiously to prevent erosion of the enamel layer external.

The role of the fruit in removing the yellowing of teeth

Work some fruit enzymes to get rid of yellow teeth when you put the enzymes with toothpaste, as some studies found that toothpaste that contains the enzyme papaya ” papain enzyme”, located in pineapple, which works to get rid of yellowing teeth.

Pull the yellowing of teeth with oil

Is the use of some types of oils, such as sesame and coconut oil, in removing the yellowing of teeth, by attaching harmful bacteria and food on teeth or between the teeth and pull them out of the mouth, and also by some antibacterial properties, to kill bacteria of the foundation, and do not let it secrete acids.

The use of activated charcoal

There is activated charcoal in some types of toothpaste, where it helps to reduce the chances of yellowing of the teeth, by scraping the outer layer of the tooth. Must use this kind of toothpaste very carefully, to avoid removing the layer of the teeth to the same external.

Pens teeth whitening

Of the tools used in the removing the yellowing of teeth, because they contain a gel contains a substance peroxide, the working of that money to provide a large amount of oxygen, to kill the anaerobic bacteria, thus preventing the be acids responsible for the yellow color on the teeth.

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Remove yellowing of the teeth with the doctor

  • Sessions teeth whitening, is to determine the number of sessions required, to remove the yellowing of teeth by your state and provide the doctor does not.
  • Laser teeth whitening.
  • Teeth whitening plasma.
  • Deep cleaning of the teeth, where your doctor to whiten the tooth root itself, the arrival of the army to the deep areas.

At the end of the article, and then your knowledge of the ways of removing the yellowing of teeth in your home, or after the follow-up to your doctor, you should always head to the dentist when you feel any other complications besides the discoloration of your teeth, or you can send your consultation to one of our doctors here.

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