Remove scars laser

إزالة آثار الجروح بالليزر

إزالة آثار الجروح بالليزر

Laser treatment reduces the appearance of scars non-local demand, and in the process of removing the effects surgeon laser the doctor removes the outer layer of the skin surface or stimulate the production of cells of new skin to cover the damaged skin cells, keep with us dear reader to know the method of removing the effects surgeon laser.

What is the technique to remove the effects surgeon laser?

Laser therapy uses beams of concentrated light to treat damaged areas in the body, and can remove tumors, improve vision, andprevent hair loss, treat pain, and can improve the laser treatment appearance of scars.

Laser treatment of scars is a procedure occurs in the doctor’s office, where your doctor decide you stick the laser over your skin to remove damaged skin cells and reduce scars, and these scars:

  • Scars of injury.
  • The scars of the fire.
  • Scars acne.
  • Dark spots, and other types of hyperpigmentation.

This procedure depends on temperature and pressure, it is not recommended your doctor if you have sensitivity to light, and may not guide you to your doctor also laser treatment if you are taking medications to reduce blood because of the risk of bleeding.

It has no stand also your doctor laser treatments if you have:

  • Acne activity.
  • Ulceration of the skin.
  • The skin of the dark.

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Removal of scars laser

Treatment of scars laser doesn’t make the scars disappear, instead, the laser treatment relief appearance of the scar and makes it less noticeable.

The body begins the process of wound repair after injury to the skin, and scabs (serum or pus or dried blood mixed with the remains of an epithelial or the remnants of bacterial) over the affected area to protect it from germs, and then fall in the end, sometimes, the skin below the scab the same color as the rest of the body, often keep the scar after the fall of scabs.

May fade these scars or turns their appearance with the passage of time, but when the scar becomes permanent, you can use laser treatments to remove the outer layer of the surface of the damaged skin, where it helps the application of the laser to soften the skin and improve its color and appearance, and uses a laser to target blood vessels in the scar tissue and helps in reducing redness, and can also penetrate the surface of the skin to stimulate the production of new skin cells.

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Procedures scars treatment laser

During the consult your doctor, will your doctor the best procedure to improve the scar, may include your options include the following:

Treatment of the outer surface of the laser peeled

This type of treatment improves the appearance of scars and wrinkles, removes the outer layer of the skin and removes skin cells that were exposed to the level of the surface of the skin, and may be used your doctor carbon dioxide laser (CO2) scars deep, or laser erbium for Scar the surface.

Fractional resurfacing

Pierce , fractional resurfacing deeper layer of the skin surface to remove cells less dark, and this procedure is also the production of collagen and renewal of skin cells, which may make the scar your look less obvious.

Laser non-peeled

Laser thermal infrared penetrates the inner layer of the skin, this also stimulates the production of collagen, regenerates cells to replace the damaged skin cells.

Think laser treatments for scars procedures external, although of differing duration of actions, you can expect some mild pain during the treatment, your doctor will put a local anesthesia to numb the area so you don’t feel pain, and you can request an increase in the anesthesia if you feel pain.

In the end, dear reader, now that I know what is the technique to remove the effects surgeon laser method to remove scars laser, if you have any queries, you can consult one of our doctors here.

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