Remember to plant bitter melon, what is, and what good and what harm

Medicinal herbs therapeutic is not just the beliefs and folklore we inherited from our ancestors and elders of the country, but containing these herbs and the compounds effectively inhibit their properties made, here’s this topic about plant of the important plants in herbal medicine is a plant colocynth (Citrullus colocynthus).

Professional in alternative medicine that uses no chemicals for treatment.

What is a plant bitter melon

ما هو نبات الحنظل

It is a perennial herbaceous plant that grows creeping on the ground, from the subfamily of pumpkins is the stuff from the wild of species of plants case, is to plant around my fruit globose the size of a orange its green color and smooth, mottled with white, and yellow, the leaves of the rough triangle-shaped, turns at maturity to yellow, the inside of his lobe squishy features of the (200 to 300) The seed and cook the seeds of his label hit the treatment plant bitter melon in the middle of the summer, which is odorless and taste very bitterness, knows the plant Citrullus names of many of them bitter apple or bitter melon and percussion of the desert and the world and the wilderness and the anus.

Known scientifically as (will be cost Citrakus colocynthus ), or (into photo cost Citrullus colocynthus)

The home is Mediterranean, and the coasts of Western Asia, and the coasts of North Africa and the coast of the south of Europe, and that the plant bitter melon also in the deserts of the Arabian Peninsula and the Nile Valley and desert areas of Sindh and Punjab in Pakistan, and regions of eastern Iran.

Where need to a number of factors to help the growth of a sandy soil solid, and the areas where the rain and Crank High.

What are the benefits benefits of the plant bitter melon

ما هي فوائد نبات الحنظل

The plant is the colocynth of plants with many benefits, because it contains antioxidants, has antiinflammatory properties and cancer, anti-bacterial, and its contents, the benefits of a plant of bitter melon and its uses vary too, it is used as a treatment for some skin diseases oil is used to plant bitter melon for the treatment of skin sores and in the treatment of joint pain, rheumatism, and the impact in the treatment of nerve pain and sciatica and pit stops and helps bitter melon fever symptoms to stop the bleeding, and is used to relieve the pain of teeth.

As it is considered the oil of bitter melon an effective treatment to prevent hair loss and delay the appearance of gray hair and the nits preferably in the treatment of alopecia, and is used to plant bitter melon as an effective treatment for many health problems such as kidney and bladder infections and to treat the bites of scorpions and in the treatment of hemorrhoids nausea andanemia, and in general the plant is the bitter melon laxative for the intestines, and anti-inflammatory, the treatment for diabetes, and painkiller as it is used as a dietary supplement, in spite of all the mentioned benefits of the plant Citrullus lost cause after the symptoms side.

So before proceeding by using it is advised to consult a doctor to get the most benefit and reduce the risk and avoid, and will look forward to the details of the plant used bitter melon and the method of use of the used oil for treatment and the method of its application later.

What are the parts used in the plant bitter melon

The first part is the pulp of the fruit.

The second part of the seed: where is extracted from the water used in reducing the blood sugar, particularly the seed coat, known as (Palace Alkasra) and get rid of the bitterness of bitter melon seed and washed several times with water and salt.

The second part leaves the process: it is used to identify tumors indeed.

The fourth part Oil of bitter melon (fat) : considered an effective treatment for many ailments and applied externally fat on the site to be treated.

How to prepare oil of bitter melon

You can prepare the oil of bitter melon at home by following these steps:

Cut the fruit of the bitter melon into two halves, can the accuracy a bit and the diversity of olive oil, and then placed in a nylon bag the duration of twenty-four hours (24 h)if a pill dry, then placed the love of bitter melon submerged in oil in the pot and on the fire without reaching boiling, and once each day for three days, then leave the love of bitter melon in oil for a period of fifteen (15) days, then is filtered oil and get the oil of bitter melon is ready for use.

What are the medical uses of the plant bitter melon


  • Anti-inflammatory and painkiller :is from the medicinal properties of the very well-known plant bitter melon, studies have proven that anti-inflammatory and analgesic for the pain, he also treats liver problems, so if you were cooking plant bitter melon with the oil double the interest.
  • Plant bitter melon stimulating hair growth:used for the treatment of androgenic alopecia, where he is very active to promote hair growth, increases the number of follicles, the increased hair density,and bitter melon is considered as effective to prevent hair loss and install hair color and delay the appearance of gray hair, and is used in the treatment of inflammatory dandruff, and lice preferably the oil of plant bitter melon in the treatment of alopecia areata.
  • Anti-bacterial : is also used plant bitter melon for the treatment of skin diseases and gynaecological and pulmonary infections, is effective against the strain of bacteria gram negative and Gram positive like bacteria Escherichia apollonatos aureus,and treats some diseases of the skin such as scabies, pimples in the face, and helps get rid of scars on the skin.
  • Resistant diabetes: the bitter melon contains compounds has a similar effect to the effect of insulin, so the bitter melon helps in preventing cells from insulin resistance, it also prevents high sugar level, the results showed the study lasted for three months (24) a person with diabetes should eat (2000) milligrams of bitter melon daily reduces sugar test (A1C), Is a test used to measure blood sugar over three months, as clinical studies have shown that modern plant bitter melon contains compounds that can help control the diabetes of these compounds is the two-state and peptide, and to reduce the rate of sugar in the blood, either by increasing the activity of insulin in the blood, or by combating what is known as also free which play an effective role in the complications of diabetes because to plant bitter melon contains compounds with antioxidants (such as flavonoids Flavonoids) and(phenol-Phenol).
  • Treating the pain of arthritis and rheumatism: So by putting steam the bitter melon to the desired position mark, and processing the ficus through the grill the fruit of the plant Citrullus and then spray them and put them hot on the site to be treated, can also be divided into love of bitter melon into two parts, and then something on fire and put hot on the heel of the feet of the patient and good for the morning and the process is repeated until the patients are healed completely, creates a plant of bitter melon the body, especially the joints and nerves of the accumulated phlegm in it, and applies it to the outside of the body, can rely on oil extracted from it in place of the complaint, and proved the effectiveness of these oils in physiotherapy sessions, the So the plant is the colocynth of the best means to be used in the treatment of joint pain, rheumatism, back pain, muscle.
  • Ease the pain of the teeth: by rinsing the mouth with a solution of oil of plant bitter melon with vinegar.
  • Reduce cholesterol: the high level of cholesterol in the body is not serious enough to require observation and treatment, because it works to increase the ailments related to heart disease ,it has been found through studies to plant bitter melon acts to reduce the level of cholesterol in the body where the lead any lower triglyceride levels and harmful cholesterol in general.
  • The Prevention of cancer: plant contains bitter melon on many of the antioxidants such as flavonoids and phenol so it is able to fight free radicals and Prevention of cancer, and also enhances cardiovascular health and protects against heart disease and hardening of the company’s ground, the study found that the plant extract bitter melon is able to prevent the growth and spread of breast cancer cells while promoting the death of cancer cells.
  • Gallbladder disease and constipation opposite diuretic a diuretic is a plant facilitator for the Institute, and to activate the movement of the stomach area and digestion process, and because it contains resinous substances saponaria (Resinous)material (pectin and Pectin)And extract plant bitter melon has the properties purgative, strong and maintenance help to cure intestinal problems, and the treatment of hemorrhoids by the fat of the pulp of the plant bitter melon before maturity, you could get the fruit of the bitter melon before its maturity and then divide into four pieces, and the fat affected area with a piece of pieces of four, and repeat it until the pain goes can also use bitter melon for prevention of hemorrhoids, and prevent the onset of some causes such as eating drenched plant bitter melon to treat the problem of chronic constipation, in addition to facilitating the process of digestion and raise its efficiency through revitalization of the work of the stomach and intestines, as they say in the gases of the stomach, Treats jaundice and improves the functioning of the gallbladder, liver, but should be taken in certain quantities calculated because eating large amounts of it may lead to inflammation of the intestine and some injuries are very serious, usually do not be taken bitter melon alone, but with some cloves or cardamom, because the addition of one of these materials helps to facilitate the intake and relieves colic caused by.
  • Treatment of the bites of snakes and the sting of the Scorpion:plant extract bitter melon is used in the relief of cases of poisoning caused by the bite of the Scorpion and the bite of the snake is considered the root of the bitter melon is the best medicine so, it cleanses the pain and inflammation of their and removes their toxins.
  • Sexual problems: helps bitter melon in solving the sexual problems that affect the relationship between spouses and increase sexual ability in men, it also helps in solving the problem of erectile dysfunction impotence in men, has been reported also that works to increase the flow of blood circulation to the genitals when you are human, this is considered an impact that is effective in solving sexual problems is different.
  • Stop the bleeding: use the leaves of the plant bitter melon in stop the bleeding resulting from wounds, and, according to the staff analysis of the tumors in the body indeed .
  • Treats skin diseases in animals: uses Tar, bitter melon in the treatment of the role of animals such as cattle, cow, birds of Dermatology difficult such as scabies, ticks, the animal dander.

By cleaning and processing the seeds of the plant bitter melon

There are multiple ways to organize and process the seeds of the plant Citrullus which is:

Method one: you the following dry fruits and break them and extract them in the textures panel, as well as adding the file seeds with continuous stirring, put the ash on seed and water and tortured for four days, get rid of hot water, add cold water not with constant stirring.

A second way is by soaking the seeds in water for eight consecutive days, we then replace the water on the seeds every two days, and cook the seeds in water for a few hours with the addition of hot water in case of evaporation it is important not to add cold water to avoid the corruption of it.

Proper dosage for its implementation of the plant bitter melon

There is no scientific studies to confirm or determine the appropriate dose that should be dealt with by the patient from the plant Citrullus, the intake of the proper dosage of the plant bitter melon depends on several things including the patient’s health and age, it is important that you consult your doctor before taking plant Citrullus’t breathe a person without previous knowledge of the necessary amount ingested.

The damage and side effects to implement bitter melon

In spite of everything mentioned earlier about the benefits of a plant bitter melon and it possesses antioxidant properties and anti-diabetes and anti the blood in addition to antimicrobial properties west, but it is described as the plant’s high toxicity, as is the use of plant bitter melon is not safe at all specially pregnant women and nursing mothers should not eat it.

This has been banned by the food and Drug Administration (FDA), year (1991) and even when eating very small amount of it may cause irritation to intense in the lining of my stomach and intestines and diarrhea bloody and on the floor, bloody urine, inability to urinate.

This includes eating it also some other side effects such as convulsions and paralysis, have been up to death as in cases of poisoning should eat a solution of tannic acid (Tannic acid) is diluted and its large amounts of beverages alone (Albuminism).

It is advised not to use large amounts of the plant bitter melon that is due to plant bitter melon contains a substance (course Cucurbitacin) chemical which is irritating to mucous membranes.

The plant bitter melon is a type of laxative called a laxative activity, it is possible to operate these laxatives to reduce the percentage of potassium (K) in the body so must eat plants bitter melon to take medical advice before that.


In the end, in spite of the benefits of a plant bitter melon the bitter melon plants that have multiple benefits, but on the other side it causes a lot of damage up to death, god forbid, you must be very careful of using it because it is considered a toxic substance and dangerous and must be medical consultation before using it.


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