Relationship of cough and phlegm when the kids are babies and the causes of the problem and tips to control it

The elements of the decision

Looking for mothers for treatment of cough, phlegm when babies where small children for colds, influenza, just like the big boys, and this is what causes the cough accompanied by sputum and secretions of the mucous in the majority of cases.

With regard to infants to infection with alcohol, respiratory infections especially during the winter with the spread of the virus that caused the infection.

Attention must be given to the treatment of government and phlegm in infants to protect them from the complications affect the respiratory system, this centerpiece for our next.. follow us.

Relationship of cough and phlegm in infants

When your child gets a bacterial infection or a viral cause cough the mucus accumulates in the nose, mouth and throat and cause a controversial development, and this is what causes shortness of breath the infant poor of his condition, can alleviate this situation in the following ways:

– Assist the infant in getting rid of the mucus found in the nose through the use of extractor silicon available in pharmacies, where they can’t infant getting rid of them yourself.

– Use saline solution to clean the nose of the infant, which helps to lubricate the mucus and suction it out using the range hood custom for infants, taking into account the cleaning and disinfection of the suction well to be fit for use next time.

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– The need to moisturize the nose of the infant through inhalation of water vapor twice daily, which helps to improve the development process when the child.

– Can add drops of peppermint oil or pine nuts to hot water to inhale the infant steam output which helps to remove friction from the baby’s nose.

– The continuation of the child in the breastfeeding is important in the treatment of the child and reduce symptoms of fraud, where the mother’s milk contains antibodies suitable work as life which helps to speed healing.

– You must supply the child with fluid warm that fit the age, such as anise, fennel, chamomile and peppermint which help soothe the irritation in the respiratory tract.

Treatment cough persistent phlegm in children in normal ways

طرق علاج الكحه والبلغم عند الاطفال الرضعMethods of treatment of cough, phlegm when the kids are babies

Tips to cure cough and phlegm in children

Can reduce symptoms of cough and phlegm for infants through the following tips:

Hydration – room for children using the devices the humidifier, which works to improve the room air.

– You should not treat children less than four years by using medications cough medicines and only under the supervision of a physician.

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– You can use antibiotics after consulting a doctor to treat cough and phlegm resulting from bacterial infection.

– Can children to take a draft of herbs sweetened with honey but after the first year.

– You must raise the baby’s head slightly when sleeping to help to breathe easily and swallow the phlegm.

– Can the use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for the treatment of infants after consulting a doctor.

– You can use olive oil, sesame oil and camphor oil and some ointments and creams to paint the baby’s chest to treat cough, but under medical supervision.

According to massage the back of the infant’s are you have to help him expel phlegm and get rid of them.

– You must protect the infant from pollution avoiding smoking and sources of fumes and used.

– Can use nasal sprays, suppositories anal soothe the cough after consulting your doctor.

– Consult a doctor if you continue to have cough for more than a week has not improved the condition of the child or change the color of the mucus yellow or green.

– Consult to medical immediately if the child is less than six months, or face difficulty in breathing or a whistling sound or approach when breathing or was suffering from vomiting due to cough.

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The analysis process expanded the bronchi for treatment of cough and phlegm

استخدام شفاط الأنف في علاج الكحه والبلغم عند الاطفال الرضعUse the extractor nose in the treatment of cough, phlegm when the kids are babies

What are the causes of cough with phlegm in infants?

Babies get alcohol wet, which are accompanied by sticky phlegm for several reasons, mainly:

– Colds and flu, which cause irritation of the respiratory tract.
– Expose the child to smoke and pollutants.
– Asthma and bronchitis cause coughing and severe with sputum.
– Incidence of hay fever, allergies chest, and in this case you cough more than three weeks and remains on the child of fatigue.
– Expose the child to infection of the bronchi is chronically increases the secretion of phlegm and the child for cough severe.
– The child’s vulnerability to pertussis, which is the result of a bacterial infection and a persistent cough with a characteristic sound with the secretion of severe mucus, and the symptoms persist for more than two weeks cause irritation of the nose and throat.
– Injury to the child block, which is a viral infection causing breathlessness, cough severe.

Been offered a set of tips useful in the treatment of cough, phlegm when the kids are infants, with reference to the steps of the task to alleviate the problem and help the child to development, with reference to the most important causes of this problem in order to try to minimize them and treat them.

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