Redness of the eyelid when the kids infant

Redness of the eyelid when the kids infant through the website cart health requires the treatment of health problems in newborns and infants special treatment, where the redness of the eye swelling of the eyelids and inflammation of the common diseases in children at this age, so when you note redness of the eyelid in children consult your physician and handle it before increasing the problem.


Redness of the upper eyelid in infants

Many children are injured by redness of the eye due to several reasons, including:

  • The occurrence of inflammation in the sebaceous glands which are found inside the eyelid, causing redness of the eyelid and.
  • Sensitivity to the child’s eye against dirt or dust in the air.
  • Collision eye injury while walking.
  • The entry of some of the games in the eyes of the child during play, especially games that are not tapered tip.
  • Injury some extrusion that exist on the edge of the eyelid and redness.
  • Occurrence of blockage in the lacrimal duct because of the presence of secretions, many in the eye.
  • Infection a number of bacterial or viral infection as a result of contact with another person infected.
  • Exposure to insect bites such as mosquitoes.

Drops to treat redness of the eye when the kids

Doctors prescribe some types of diameter appropriate for children to treat inflammation of the eyelid, especially containing antibiotics such as:

 Drop topic Toprex to treat inflammation of the eye

  • Help get rid of inflammation resulting from infection bacterial.
  • Work on treatment of eye infections, internal and external.
  • Eachof the perfectly on the eyes of children.
  • Is a dose a drop of topics in the development of a drop to two drops at least every 4 hours.
  • Expect to drop topics in the pharmacy designed at 19.2 pounds.

Drop countryside managers to treat redness of the eye

  • Help get rid of redness and inflammation of the eyelid.
  • Operating the sterilizer to work to protect it from infection bacterial.
  • Is the dose in put two drops in the eye four times daily
  • Price drop Privat buyers in pharmacies Egyptian 4.4 pounds.

Treatment of eyelid redness eye herbal

There are some cases of redness of the eyelid do not require necessarily to go to the doctor, where they can be treated at home using natural remedies, including:

Compresses red tea

Tea contains various kinds ( red, black, green) on anti-inflammatory, which relieves inflammation and irritation and also stress, by the following:

Method of use:

  • After using the green tea bag or black is put in the refrigerator until it cools down a bit.
  • Put a tea bag on the eyes of the child during sleep to avoid movement.
  • Leave the bag on the eye for up to 15 minutes.
  • Be repeating this recipe from twice to three times a day.

Natural bee honey

Honey contains anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, and therefore can treat inflammation of the eyes and eyelids caused by bacterial infection effective and safe manner.

Method of use:

  • We get the return of the cotton buds ear sing it in natural honey.
  • Catch on the outer region of Egypt, and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Be careful when the fat of the eyelid to the eye, and do not enter the honey inside the eye, to avoid complications.
  • Then wash the eye with lukewarm water.

You were with redness of the eyelid when the kids are infants and we greeted all inquiries about the methods of treatment of diseases of children, through the commentary below the article.

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