Recipes allow children

وصفات تسمين الأطفال

وصفات تسمين الأطفال

Increase the weight of children with their growth, and most children, a healthy weight while others are skinny so either genetically or due to exposure to certain disorders of the food or for health reasons, despite the fact that weight and appearance are not appropriate metrics of public health of the baby, the children also have also the requirements of my ideal weight, so we will in this article ideal weight for the child, with the recipes allow children to learn from the problem of thinness, proceed reading this article with us.

What is the ideal weight for children?

How do you determine the ideal weight of the child?

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and prevention, can measure the ideal weight of children through growth charts percentile body mass index for age:

  • If the mass body Index less than 5, it means a lack in weight.
  • If the index is from 5 to 85, it’s normal weight.
  • In the case that the index ranges from 85-95, it means overweight.
  • If the indicator is above 95, it means obesity.

While it should give children healthy foods for the growth and development in general, the recipes allow children dedicated to those who suffer from underweight and need to gain healthy weight, so it becomes a test foods in such cases is difficult, therefore it is always recommended to consult a specialist children’s nutrition planning and diet comprehensive to weight gain.

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Recipes allow children

Foods that increase the weight of children

The House

  • Can help the house in cleaning your baby’s weight, it is rich in protein, and eggs help in building muscles and tissues of the body.
  • You must boil the eggs well and divide it in small quantities for small children, the House taan excellent for children, as it contains many nutrients like phosphorus, protein , zinc andcalcium.


Depends chicken recipes allow children, as that chicken is rich in protein for children, as it is rich in phosphorus, which is an essential mineral that supports teeth and bones, preferably kidney, liver and central nervous system as a whole.


Contains salmon on the omega-3 fatty acids , vitamin B 12,selenium and choline which supports brain function and cognitive function and nerve have small children. Therefore, it can be cooked dish salmon healthy and tasty for your child is a good idea sometimes.


Used as a sugar substitute in recipes to allow the children, with honey, 17% water and 82% of carbohydrates, which helps to increase weight in a healthy way, contains a low percentage of fat, and you can add a spoonful on toast or pancakes, making sure that the total intake of sweet sugar within the recommended limits.

Dry fruits and nuts

Containing dry fruits, nuts, a variety such as almonds, cashews, walnuts, apricots, aside from being rich in iron, vitamins and magnesium, and the availability of dry fruits and nuts also proteins and healthy fats that are important to visit a healthy weight, they can be added to the recipes allow children also.

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Dairy products increase the weight of children

Recipes allow children dairy products


  • Milk is a good source of protein, if your child is not talking lactose, can help one cup of milk a day to maintain a healthy diet.
  • Milk contains fat, calcium, and essential vitamins that help build strong bones.


  • Most children love yogurt, and you can also mix it with something or eat it as is.
  • Help calcium and potassium present in the yogurt to improve the health of children’s bones. In addition, the longer the yogurt is also a source of friendly bacteria for the intestines “probiotics” that help in digestion and absorption, thus affecting the growth and development of the child in general.

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At the end of the frier after the Battle of the recipes allow children , and foods that work to gain weight in kids healthy, you should resort to a doctor or a nutritionist to determine the appropriate foods for your child.

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