Reasons to use tablets store treat dizziness, Stugeron

Tablets their Stugeron contains some of the medical items that be marked to eliminate the dizziness severe dizziness afflicting a large proportion of persons, whether senior or junior in age, and each of them doses own commitment to getting quick result will make it clear through our article the details of this article and uses of medication.


Reasons for the use of their

  • Stugeron suffer dizziness.
  • Treat cases of vomiting and nausea.
  • The treatment of migraine.
  • To suffer tinnitus.
  • The treatment of disorders of the intestine.
  • Eliminates the ulcer varicose veins.

Allowed dose of their

  • The usual dose be at the rate of CD concentration of 25 mg 3 times a day.
  • The recommended dose prior to travel to be at the rate of 25 mg before the date of travel by about 1/2 hour.

Side effects resulting from their

Needs a drug store on some of the side effects resulting from the composition included in its components it would be necessary to take extreme care of them and avoid them in all shapes and can identify some of them through the following points: –

  • Leads to an imbalance in the functions of the liver.
  • Lead to some disorders extrapyramidal.
  • Feeling a tremor. severe patients.
  • The occurrence of some disturbances in the bone.
  • The appearance of tissue under the skin.

Contraindications to use tablets store

  • Prevents the intake of tablets Stugeron for people who suffer from allergic reaction to components of the drug.
  • Be better not to eat in pregnancy, fearing for the health of the fetus.
  • Warns intake of women in period of breast-feeding as a danger to the baby.
  • You have a commitment to quality that describes her physician.
  • Prevents the use of these discs while driving.
  • Gives this medication to children less than 5 years.

Price tablets store

  • The price of the packaging of the tablets concentration of 25 mg 13.25 pounds.

Way save tablets their

  • Store in a place away from the sun.
  • Store in a place free from moisture.
  • Store in a temperature not higher than 30 Celsius.

Treatment of vertigo, herbal

  • Lemon: one of the most valuable herbs that contains the proportion of benefits that are capable of killing bacteria and Prevention of dizziness and vertigo cheddar suffered by the mission since it strengthens the immune system of the body.
  • The foxglove Indian: of the most important treatments that come with a score of speed and effective in the healing of cases of the drug where it is grinding a small amount of this plant with 2 tablespoon coriander crushed and the mixture in a glass of water and then eat the next day in the morning.
  • Herb ginkgo biloba-Paradise: this herb helps blood flow around and therefore the Prevention of tinnitus and mitigation of the rotor, where is the output of the 150 grams of liquid that grass and 3 times a day.
  • Anise: treats the draft of this herbal symptoms that result from influenza and which ones of the rotor to urge it is boiled a little in a glass of water and consumed daily by the cup or more a day.

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