Reasons to use our for the treatment of fatigue Ocuguard

Capsule our Ocuguard of better, faster, drugs that provide the body elements andvitamins that are capable to make the body in the case of strong which increases the area and thus prevention of any diseases health, doctors are advised of the need to eat the necessary doses of these vitamins and excessive.


Reasons for the use of our

  • Think of the best vitamins that are complementary to effective diet provides the body with a lot of benefits.
  • Helps in improving vision and consideration.
  • Helps in analysis of the retina.
  • Treatment of fatigue visual.
  • Treated cases of glaucoma that affect the eye.
  • Think light a good appetite.
  • Works to strengthen the body and energize.

Allowed dose of our

  • Usual dose be at the rate of capsule daily in the morning.
  • The dose can be increased under the supervision of a physician.

Side effects from eating our

Capsule our some of the side effects that are of a negative result on health it would be necessary to take extreme caution out of fear for the health of any complications so that these effects may cause damage to many weakness must be identified, some of these effects in order to consult a doctor immediately after the appearance will show some of them through the following points: –

  • Contains some compounds that cause poisoning.
  • The feeling of vomiting continued.
  • Diarrhea, and some cases are formulated constipated.
  • The occurrence of some disturbances in life.
  • Feeling severe headache in the head.
  • Help people directly where.
  • Sharp pain in the muscle.
  • The appearance of blood in the urine.

Sites use capsule our

  •  Prevent overdose from prescribed by a doctor.
  • Prevents eating our for those who have allergic reaction to its components.
  • Warns eat in the case of blood dyscrasia.
  • Prevents eating for kids without consulting a doctor.
  • Warns to eat for patients with kidney and liver.
  • Be better to follow a healthy diet.
  • You should consult a doctor before eating it in the period of breastfeeding.

Price capsule our

  • The price of the package 30 capsules 30 pounds.

Way to save the capsule air

  • Store the medicine in a place far away from children.
  • Store in a place free from moisture.
  • Should be kept at a temperature of not less than 30 Celsius.

Treatment of fatigue visual herbal

  • Gel Aloe Vera: where a thick paper in order to take advantage of all the properties that are where you extracted the gel from these leaves and put them in a bowl and wear the gloves by hand and put the mixture on the eyes and leave for up to an hour and then wash the eye with clean water, as this mixture is considered an effective treatment to eye fatigue.
  • Plant self: it is boiled the leaves of this plant in warm water and put it on the eye is repeated this recipe 3 times in the day.
  • Option: there is a group of antioxidant where it is placed on the eye to get cured of the infections that are exposed as a result of several different factors leading to data.

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