Reasons for the use of tablets Arcoxia as Arcoxia treat gout

Reasons for the use of tablets Arcoxia as Arcoxia treat gout considered to drive useful and which are not good jobs, where they work on the treatment of infections as it is within the treatments which are called NSAIDs non-steroidal as these antibiotics work to stop the action of an enzyme oxidation annular which acts on the occurrence of inflammation and pain in the body.


 Reasons for the use of tablets Arcoxia

  • Work pills as Arcoxia for the treatment of inflammation and rheumatism which occur in the body and severe.
  • Help disks also treat the inflammation that occurs in the bones and joints.
  • Treat the inflammation that occurs in ankylosing spondylitis.
  • If the individual with respect to fragility the bones of his body the van tell him to use these discs in the sharing of this fragility.
  • In the menstrual period women should use tablets Arcoxia where to suffer hardship and which occur in that period.
  • Also used as a painkiller which occurs in human joints.

Allowed dose of tablets Arcoxia

To see the assigned dose for each individual and use treatment should always consult a doctor specialist don’t even are infection with other diseases or no benefit to the patient.

  • For adults you have to recover from the disease of rheumatoid arthritis the intake of a single disk, and that disk concentration of 90 mg and have it for a certain period which is 10 days not allowed to take more than a tablet per day, you must consult a doctor otherwise.
  • For the people adults who may have been sick with gout and the pain should eat the tablets as Arcoxia and dosage concentration of 120 mg and continue it for 8 days and should not increase from those cities to avoid the risk.
  • People who have surgery in the teeth they must eat tablets Arcoxia concentration of 90 mg to be for a duration of 3 days.
  • People who suffer from pain in the body you should eat one tablet of these pills a day if you require it to be in case of eating it to eat with or without eating also.

Side effects of tablets Arcoxia

  • Injury to the patient’s symptoms are negative and as a result of taking the tablets Arcoxia a pain and soreness in the abdomen and modern diarrhea the patient may also be grabbing.
  • The occurrence of the patient’s multiple infections in the stomach and a sense of the patient nauseous.
  • Know the patient’s infection bloating in the abdomen, a garden is not an ulcer in the duodenum.
  • Not the patient see things clearly and feel very sleepy and the incidence of dizzy and dizziness.
  • The occurrence of the patient is extremely sensitive to things such as rash and change the color of the skin and itching no redness severe.
  • The occurrence of several disorders afflict the person and Special more has enter into a state of depression and fear.
  • The emergence of several infections in the nose and sinuses and as concerning the ringing in the ear.
  • The occurrence of patient infections in the throat and in the respiratory system as regards the occurrence of inflammation in the pharynx in the nose.
  • You know the patient to cough.
  • Injury to the patient for inflammation in the joints and legs a garden, a spasm of violent in them.

Contraindications to use tablets Arcoxia

  • Natural that people who have severe sensitivity to medications and changes being tested first consult a doctor advised not to use it also to those who have such allergies.
  • People who suffer from the occurrence of failure in the functions of the liver and kidneys don’t have to use tablets Arcoxia.
  • People who suffer from the occurrence of severe hemorrhage in the stomach must be prevented from the use of the property.
  • People who have suffered or suffer from bleeding in the brain or may happen to them disorders of the brain bleeding stop completely from the use of this property.
  • Prevent children under the age of 15 years from the use of this property and that didn’t cause them diseases.
  • Patients who smoke are exposed to high in cholesterol level in the blood must be prevented completely from the use of this property.
  • People who have had open heart surgery and were Surgery severe prevent completely the use of this property.
  • People who suffer from the presence of asthma be prevented from using it.
  • They have high sensitivity to lactose prevent completely the use of this property because it contained a large amount of lactose.
  • Persons who were infected by a stroke you should not take the property in order to preserve them.
  • Prevent eating any overdoses of prescribed by a physician, where they come health complications pose some health risks.

Tablets as Arcoxia in pregnancy

  • Prevents its use in pregnancy exactly where the works on the occurrence of abnormalities in the babies to be especially in the first three months of pregnancy where it causes serious damage to the fetus.

Tablets Arcoxia in breastfeeding

  • Not allowed to use this disk in the period of breastfeeding, as the milk comes to the active substance contained in the contract and the detrimental effect on the health of the baby and to spoil the mother’s milk which will cause harm to the fetus.

Price tablets Arcoxia

  • Tablets concentration of 60 mg with a cost price in the Egyptian market 115 pounds.
  • Tablets concentration of 90 mg with a cost price in the Egyptian market and one Egyptian.

Combination tablets as Arcoxia

  • Entail tablets Arcoxia of an effective substance called Etoricoxib which are among anti-inflammatory non-steroidal.

Long use of the tablets Arcoxia

  • Working long use of the tablets Arcoxia on vulnerability to strokes and heart attacks, so I don’t have long use of such doses without consulting a doctor to avoid the infection of serious diseases.

The beginning of the effect of the tablets Arcoxia

  • To see the beginning of the contract, which starts from the beginning of the use of personal tablets Arcoxia web effect lasts up to 24 hours and shows the impact and effect of the contract change after several weeks.

Way save tablets Arcoxia

  • Store in a place away from the reach of children.
  • Store in temperature not exceeding 30 Celsius.

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