Quit smoking permanently

الإقلاع عن التدخين نهائياً

الإقلاع عن التدخين نهائياً

If quitting smoking permanently need to the power of determination and will, the smoking of the lesions age, there is the fact we can’t deny is that smokers are more vulnerable to many diseases, which sometimes lead to death, and in this article I will take you on a tour to illustrate the most important means that will help you to quit smoking permanently.

Means motivate you to quit smoking

Maybe you need a reason for you to take this step to better health and safety, and the most important means of stimulation that support you in quitting smoking permanently:

  • First: you need to protect those around you from the dangers of smoking.
  • Second: protect yourself from lung cancer , heart disease and other diseases caused by smoking.

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The most important tips and steps that will help you to permanently quit smoking

You should take care to follow these steps :

First: if you want to permanently quit smoking should nicotine replacement:

We must replace the nicotine located in cigarettes drugs, so what you have here but consult a doctor, which in turn will provide you with the alternatives of nicotine harmful, so to avoid you back to smoking again, and here include:

  • Has your doctor prescribes a medication that contains nicotine in body sprays my nose, or inhaled through the nose.
  • Under the supervision of a doctor there are several alternatives to the same effect as effective as chewing gum that contain nicotine or tablets emulsification.
  • The use of prescription drugs that your doctor recommends.

It is worth mentioning that these alternatives that include the effect of the average effect of nicotine is safer to use, in addition to that the drugs impact long-acting for nicotine, and medicines free of nicotine.

  • It is alternatives to the modern electronic cigarette, and can be considered an alternative cigarette traditional harmful to health, and still experience many of the studies on these electronic cigarette to improve their effectiveness in quitting smoking, and also to see to what extent it is safe to use.

Secondly: to avoid the tension and stress

Quit smoking permanently requires to avoid tension and stress, it is one of the most important reasons that drive you to the committee for a smoke, we try to solve problems quietly, and also used your method of planning time daily and in the long run save you from this tension, as the preferred alternatives Toka smoking at times difficult, maybe use paper and pen to do through their energy, or resort to exercise.

Third: the policy of delay

If you thought of starting to smoke, just wait for 10 minutes, and during them you can do anything else to do … and your time smoking.

Fourth: the strategy of chewing

Make your mouth something to chew on. always like candy or gum, or some kinds of vegetables like carrots, celery, and also some nuts nut..

Fifth: physical activity

Physical activity and exercise to help you quit smoking permanently, you can practice simple activities such as running daily for a certain period, or up the stairs and down several times.

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Sixth: allocation of part of the time to meditate or relax

If smoking was your way to get rid of stress, you can fight it selects part of the time to relax, and in this context, yoga is useful to you, or listen to relaxing music.

Seventh: use your family to encourage you to quit smoking permanently

Human needs always to encouragement and support, so make sure to communicate with your family and friends, create time to practice different activities and spend time with them, it would support you and your will to this period.

VIII: remind yourself Always of the benefits that accrue to you when you quit smoking for good.

When theytake-off on the smoking for good. you can call the following:

  • Better health away from diseases .
  • As you can protect your family from the side effects that could be exposed to when inhaling the smoke.
  • Save your money and exploitation in other practices seeking you.

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In conclusion, dear reader, don’t in to quit smoking permanently, to improve your health and life away from diseases and health problems, and now just go to the doctor and consult him to follow the new system save you from smoking, also we are pleased to consult one of our doctors here

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