Quit smoking and weight gain

الإقلاع عن التدخين وزيادة الوزن

الإقلاع عن التدخين وزيادة الوزن

It is customary that smoking ask the millions of chemicals inside your body, this does not affect your lungs but on the heart and other organs, as a result, changes occur in many body. When the bootloader changes the opposite of the relationship between quitting smoking and weight gain , this phenomenon is called horror that made from smoking, especially young owners of young ages, due to fear of the risks of obesity on their health and outward appearance.

What is the secret of quitting smoking and weight gain

There are two main reasons for the occurrence of this phenomenon after quitting smoking.

The first reason

That the nicotine which had controlled a large part of certain areas in the brain and in the heart rate, causing her visit, she was stealing from a process target in the process of metabolism that produce Cracking of the material stored energy such as fat and protein, and also work on the consumption of a lot of calories at rest time.

When you quit smoking and the disappearance of the nicotine, the body returns to its natural state and its natural process of metabolism which is less than occurs when smoking.

The second reason

That cigarettes had been working on reduce appetite, compensation for food, cigarettes reduces the blood circulation to the teacher, and leads to a lack of efficiency of the stomach do its job, and thus lack of feeling hungry, and after you quit smoking, the knowledge and the status of the ticket back to its natural state.

The rate of quitting smoking and weight gain

The researchers made some research and surveys put the numbers express the relationship between the duration of smoking cessation and increase in weight as follows:

  • 0.9 kg in two weeks or three from the date of quitting smoking.
  • 1.3-1.5 kg after thirty days from the date of the take-off.
  • 2-2.5 kg after six days of take-off.
  • 2.8-3 kg after ninety days from the date of the take-off.
  • 4-4.5 after a lapse of six months or a full year from the date of quitting smoking.

Factors affecting these numbers:

  • Genetic factors.
  • Type male or female.
  • Appetite.
  • The rate of activities carried out by the person.

Tips that you should follow


You should follow the daily routine of sports, they not only help in quitting smoking, but also help to burn calories and to resist the symptoms of the withdrawal of toxins from the body, and you can practice walking or up and down the ladder several times.

Increase metabolic rate diet

Better choose the types of foods you could eat, it is preferred to eat food cooked at home rather than buy them from abroad, and contains vegetables and fruit, reduce sugars and alcohol.

Quit smoking and weight gain under the supervision of a specialist

By selecting the sport needed with the type of food appropriate.

Choose fun and appropriate

If you feel hungry between meals, you can choose between fruit, yoghurt and skimmed.

الإقلاع عن التدخين وزيادة الوزن

الإقلاع عن التدخين وزيادة الوزن

The habits of life of the other

Don’t starve yourself, sleep well and all, and in your desire, these are the tips of the three Golden that will help you supplement what you started. If you don’t have to worry about weight gain anymore, you may encounter you have all the necessary information about the stage of my quit smoking weight gain, and also owns the necessary tips to control the weight and return to normal life.

Never step necessary to return to a life of better health, and if you have some questions related to how to quit smoking you can log in and send a consult to one of our specialists here.

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