Quarantine … how do you know on the same in quarantine

I’ve always had the idea of isolation from humans of quarantine Vogue bad within contemporary societies, where experts and pioneers human development always chanting their claim for out of their isolation and engage more in the community.

Research suggests that stay away from people or what is called today with the spread of corona virus in quarantine cause of heart disease, obesity, anxiety and depression, but research further suggests that for the real benefits: completion of the business within the stone and on your way at the established pace that you want, in addition that you can identify yourself!

What can I do inside the quarantine? And can I learn myself? All of these questions and their answers and more in this article.

Unit or stay alone in quarantine

While a lot of the research points to the power of the psychiatric unit and stay secluded in stone whether it is healthy or not, only that there is a lot of evidence is constantly growing, which assumes that there is a lot of time to completion and performance of tasks and functions, where these studies assume that these tasks and functions work better in the stone, by virtue of distance from people’s comments, opinions and criticisms, besides this, the human preference to stay secluded from others the idea of dragged down by the hard and the personality of the individual.

May be tempted the individual to the arguments, isolation may not do, his sense of emotional completion and performance either positively or negatively is the main determinant of Therefore, as assumed in this study.

Usually social workers (extroverts) people averse to change or the idea of isolation, while introverts (introverts) just the opposite. No doubt that the human sometimes you may tend to be introverted sometimes, but that doesn’t mean he wants to stay alone all the time.

Even more people desire in isolation they need to network of relationships and social networking provide them with assistance in their lives.

Thing is also worth noting that even if the individual was socially loving communion of people, that doesn’t stop him from enjoying some time with himself in quarantine and isolation.

When the old stone or isolation usefulness of the most benefit?

  • If the owner a sense of accomplishment.
  • If its owner a feeling of self-satisfaction even if the satisfaction part.
  • If you have an article on his adventure in the time you want.

The benefits of staying secluded for some time

Most of the research indicates that spending a lot of time isolated either in quarantine or other negative effects on physical, mental and psychological. Know here more about the quarantine.

On the other hand, there are a lot of benefits too, as long as the individual was able to balance the isolation and communicate with people, such as:

  • Help the stone to improve memory and focus:

If you are working in a team it is natural to make an effort to lower the ticket and focus as if you are alone, simply because others helps you in that, in the event of any vacuum helps the rest of the team to fill it and find solutions continuously.

It may help stone in the face of this situation that allow the hanging out social (social loafing) that may help in disabling the capacity of each individual, where that action alone leads to the output of the entire capacity of your mind to remember and focus, etc., which means its development with the passage of time.

  • Stone gives your interests a priority

Some time to yourself gives you a golden opportunity to think in innovative ways to hone your talents and develop your interests.

Development resulting from the self is an important part in the life of the individual, and perhaps may reach its highest levels when away from the restrictions imposed by relationships with people.

  • Isolation makes social relations better

You may need our relationships, sometimes to a period of rest is considered to be every man for himself a little more, and quarantine golden opportunity.

On the other hand maybe it might help your arguments in the discovery that you love your friends actually, and your daily routine seeing that you think it was boring, it was a source of comfort to you this is certainly what may make the relationship after the stone is much stronger than before.

  • Enhance productivity in quarantine

May be the productivity of groups over individual productivity loners whether in stone or other, but as noted earlier, some business work better, faster and more accurate when performed by an individual alone.

It is worth noting that the focus on more than one thing at the same time showing negative results or catastrophic sometimes.

Always remember that solitude is not a bad thing and not very it is desirable always, but it is a viable way in the face of pressure sometimes, but do not overload in use so as not to tip all of its benefits to the damage to the psychological and physical consequences.


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