Pussycat at night when you sleep what are its causes?

The reasons for the cat in the night run a lot where some people are infection on skin, and kills the infected person waking up from sleep because of the itchy feeling, in some places scattered in the body, sometimes during the day or during sleep, this is annoying and causes anxiety for some people, this sentence occur in general.

Produces government for several reasons, including:

  • Sensitive skin simple.
  • It can be dangerous, so if the itching is severe.

Concentrated during the night and to sleep, is a sign of diabetes, or you most likely will be a type of allergic skin chronic.

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The cat in the night

Occurs cats at varying times throughout the day, and there is a certain time, but there are a lot of people concentrated have a feeling the cat at night, or sleep time specifically1Mayo Clinic: governance (pussy live).

Is considered skin itching during sleep or at night, is very annoying, such as itchy skin for some people significantly, especially at night or during sleep, but no different that feeling of being all day, not to stop the specific.

And it either at night, or during sleep, and gives me a lot of this nagging feeling, and offers a high probability of occurrence of insomnia for those who suffer from skin itch, and if frequent this government, it may make wounds in the skin, as a result of government several times.

الهرش في الليل

الهرش في الليل

It has surprised a lot of people this, and it seems annoying to them, but has proved some of the studies, and also medical doctors assert that the cat in the night, during the expansion to sleep is a real case, and in a lot of people, this may cause many of the problems that may be satisfactory.

Causes of cat at night

High body temperature

A lot of people happen to all the high body temperature naturally, and this thing is not annoying or scary, is normal.

During the entry period of the summer, with high air temperatures, and the weather becomes hot, therefore the body temperature rises.

This causes the itchy feeling in the skin all over the body.

Some people have sensitive skin, and they are more prone to this government, and this happens frequently with the change of temperature.


There are some people who have happen to them government soon as to sleep, this feeling may be caused by:

Wear clothing gas cotton

That affect the skin directly, so we recommend that you wear cotton clothing, especially during sleep, so sleep a pleasant and itching sensation.

Bed linen

Think bed linen something important, like the clothes, too, because when you sleep if you feel, there’s a high probability that the fabrics of the bed is causing the sense of the body, if not cotton, and this causes the feeling of severe itching.

Bed bugs

If you replace clothing, and bed linen part, and no change occurs in the sense of government, it may be the biggest reason in the bedbugs.

Such as: bugs and lice they may appear and hide in the bed linen, and timber, and show when to go to sleep in a dark place, giving a sense of freedom, and the impact of the redness, occasionally inflammation of around2prior: itchy skin during the night.

The lack of movement in the night.

It may be said war is ultimately not a key factor to a sense of government during sleep, as you said, your movements throughout the day, lack of activity, cause itching during the night.

This is not something essential, but is just assuming the government, do your own work good movement and activity throughout the day.

الهرش في الليل

الهرش في الليل

The law

Think of the insects that you bite while you sleep, and the feeling of love, a bite is not simple, it cause:

  • Control of the body, and redness.
  • And discomfort.
  • And annoying itch.

It is like being in the dark, and the person sleeping prey during sleep.

Treatment of itchy body at night when sleeping

Fill out a place to sleep well sunshine, by entering the sunlight all over the room, and repeat this daily to avoid the entry of bed bugs, or mosquitoes.

We must care washing and cleaning bed linen, ventilate the place daily and continuously, taking care of the place.

Keep moisturize your skin using moisturizing creams for the skin, to keep skin in the changing seasons, differing temperature, to keep the skin from feeling itchy.

You should stay away from any of the pets, there may be some bugs, that caused you Government, prefer to keep her out of the bedroom during sleep.

If you notice any of these things, when you feel love, you must review the doctor’s profile, find out the cause of government night, and the presence of solution healthy.

Don’t forget to wear cotton clothes while going to sleep, so that doesn’t happen skin irritation.

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