Pumpkin oil or pumpkin seed oil: benefits and methods of use

Pumpkin oil

Pumpkin or pumpkin is not only a delicious fruit that tastes and can be cooked with the most delicious recipes, but it also carries a lot of benefits. Learn about the benefits of pumpkin oil or pumpkin seed oil and its multiple uses, harms or side effects.


The nutritional value of pumpkin oil and its calories

Pumpkin oil, also called pumpkin seed oil or pepita oil, is extracted from pumpkin seeds, one teaspoon of it (14 grams) contains 120 calories, and it does not contain any carbohydrates, proteins or fibers, but the same amount of it contains 14 grams of fat Polyunsaturated ones are omega-3 and omega- 6.

The benefits of pumpkin oil

Reducing harmful cholesterol

Pumpkin seed oil contains a substance called phytosterol, which is similar to cholesterol in its composition. When this substance enters the body, it works to compete with cholesterol and prevent its absorption, thus reducing the harmful cholesterol.

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Pumpkin oil for the skin

There is not much research supporting its benefits for the skin, but some opinions suggest its effectiveness in treating infections caused by acne and calming irritated skin, there are some insufficient studies also that support the effectiveness of pumpkin seed oil in helping to heal wounds and increase the production of natural collagen that gives the skin A lively and fresh look.

Helps hair grow and prevent hair loss

Some research and studies on taking pumpkin seed oil supplements found that women who took pumpkin seed oil tablets daily for 24 weeks noticed an improvement in hair growth and an increase in thickness by 40%.

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Benefits of pumpkin oil for the prostate and urinary tract

Some research has linked pumpkin oil to improved prostate health, improved BPH , overall urinary health, and reduced symptoms of overactive bladder , while taking pumpkin seed oil extract for 12 weeks.

Relieving menopausal symptoms

A study of 35 menopausal women after consuming pumpkin seed oil found a decrease in the severity of their menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes and joint pain, along with an increase in good cholesterol and low diastolic blood pressure, but this is insufficient research and more is needed to confirm its effectiveness.

Improving mental health

Pumpkin seeds have an amazing effect on the health of the mind, improve mood, and get rid of depression, and according to some studies, the oil extracted from the seeds may have the same effect, and positive results have appeared in research conducted on children who suffer from depression, but studies remain inadequate.

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How to use pumpkin seed oil

There are several ways you can use pumpkin seed oil, as follows:

  • You can put it on salads with vinegar and salt, or you can put it on sauces for pasta and seasoning grilled vegetables and potatoes. But it is best not to heat it or cook with it at high temperatures.
  • Pumpkin seed oil can also be obtained as a capsule supplement, but do not take any of them before consulting your doctor first.
  • Also, the oil can be used topically in its liquid form on hair or skin.

The best pumpkin oil to buy and its healthy storage methods

If you decide to buy pumpkin oil, search for a product that contains the oil extracted from pumpkin seeds by cold pressure and not by thermal heating, in order to obtain all its benefits that can be lost with heat.

And when storing it, it should be placed in a cool place away from heat or sunlight, and it is best to store it in the refrigerator after opening it, and when using it, leave it a little at normal temperature to turn into its liquid form again.


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Are there damages to pumpkin oil?

According to the Therapeutic Research Center Natural Medicine Database, pumpkin seed oil is completely safe if used topically or by eating or taking capsules of nutritional supplements, but pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should avoid taking it because there is no evidence of how safe it is in the case of pregnancy and lactation.

Finally, after you got acquainted with pumpkin oil, its benefits and uses, you should not go overboard with it even if it is a natural product, and you must also consult a doctor first in case you suffer from any special health condition or take any medications before taking it, and if you have any questions you can consult One of our doctors from here .

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