Published tablets of Tel Cataflam analgesic and antipyretic


Reasons for the use of the drive Cam Cataflam analgesic and antipyretic via the site content, uses the medicine team to treat inflammation, rheumatism, it contains a substance benzyl alcohol and derivatives of acetic acid and on the form of injection ampoules and tablets.

Reasons for use of the medicine team

  • Helps in the treatment of high temperature.
  • Used CAM to treat pain associated with menstrual cycle in women.
  • Helps to soothe the pain of teeth and gums.
  • Painkiller in case of injury and twisting.
  • Uses analgesic for migraines.
  • Analgesia of the spine.
  • Treatment of infections of ear, throat and nose.
  • Treatment of arthritis rate.

Pharmacological composition

Active substance: contains the solution team on the substance diclofenac potassium and of tablets concentration of 25 mg, 50 mg.

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The effect of Cam on pregnancy

  • Pregnancy: belongs medication team Drug Class which restrict intake during pregnancy especially in the first three months and last for the safety of the fetus.
  • Lactation: there is research indicating the transition of active substance of the medicine through Mother’s milk to the baby but there is no evidence confirming the existence of damage to the infant it is therefore recommended to be consumed under the supervision of a physician.

The recommended dose for reasons of team

  • Usual dose for pain relief menstrual cycle: are you eating tablet 50 mg 3 times daily to a maximum of 150 mg per day.
  • Warns use Cataflam for over 10 days without consulting a doctor.
  • For the treatment of rheumatoid: is a dose of 150-200 total divided over 4 doses during the day.
  • For the treatment of arthritis: is eating 150-200 A in 3 divided doses during the day.
  • Must eat pills team after eating or with a glass of water so does not affect the stomach.
  • In case you forget the dose is ingested immediately remember her as long as there is a time period remaining on the date of the wound of the other.
  • Not recommended to take double dose in case you forget the dose.

Side effects of the medicine team

  • Symptoms of allergic and shook the military.
  • Stomach upsets constipation abdominal pain.
  • The high proportion of liver enzymes.
  • Fluid retention around.
  • Anemia and shortness of breath.
  • Infection and bleeding in the temple.
  • Feeling breathlessly liver.
  • Feeling the pain of the mouth stomach infections.
  • Feeling light-headed for.
  • Out stool a dark color

Warnings when using the drug

  1. Warns use Cataflam for those suffering from Palace in the functions of the liver and kidneys.
  2. For those with sensitivity towards the active ingredient of the drug.
  3. For adults the elderly the dose should be under a doctor’s supervision.
  4. The use of Cataflam Guard to prevent the suffering of the landing and high blood pressure.
  5. In the case of medications to the skin of the drug should be used with caution.
  6. You must follow the situation with the disease of my crisis vest.
  7. Before a surgical procedure or operations to the mouth, teeth treatment should be discontinued so as not to cause complications of the body.

Drug interactions with a real estate team

  • Warns the use of the drug with medications of diuretic such as their ophiuroid as it reduces its effectiveness on the body.
  • Increases the chances of appearance of side effects of these drugs ( dice, sites, cyclosporine, insulin, aspirin, warfarin, sulfonylureas, lithium, phenytoin, cyclosporin).
  • Warns the use of the drug with hyperbaric medicine.
  • Avoid taking pills for the team with the alcohol so affects the stomach.
  • In case of intake of certain herbs such as ginger, green tea and ginkgo, garlic and ginseng.

Symptoms of overdose

  • The feeling of landing dizziness and vomiting.
  • Deficiencies in renal function.

In this case, you must take health care and stomach and follow the situation or induce vomiting and give charcoal active.

The price of the medicine team

سعر دواء كتافلام

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  1. Pack contains pills team focus 25 A the price of the package 21 EGP.
  2. Pack contains 5 suppositories concentration of 75 mg price of the package 13.13 pounds.
  3. Pack contains tablets concentration 50 mg price the package 33 pounds.
  4. Packs containing ampoules concentration is 75 mg price the packaging 51.3 pounds.

The company’s producing team

  • Is the production of Cataflam by Novartis Pharma.

The names of the other reasons of team

  • East, until, been, Voltaren, olefin, decoding, dolphin, Romarinho, Rome parties, baby reliv, adult, river, rapids of the virus.

Site content is responsible for the intake Cataflam without consulting your doctor or pharmacist.

To inquire about medication effectiveness we can answer your questions and inquiries through the website content.

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