Published tablets of course for the treatment of sore throat Curisafe

Medication course Curisafe is available in the form of tablets, equivalent to sore throat , which makes the infected person in an unstable condition and unable to swallow food and drink, this drug antibiotic fast-acting treats a lot of diseases.


Reasons for the use of the medication course

  • Treatment of bacterial infection.
  • Treatment of streptococcal infection.
  • Treat cases of inflammation of the pharynx.
  • Treatment of inflammation of the skin.
  • Treatment of tonsillitis.
  • Eliminates urinary problems.
  • Treatment of inflammation of the heart valves.

Dosage allowed of course

  • The dose allowed will be at the rate of tablet per day.
  • Dose of the mobile exhibition will be at the rate of one teaspoon per day after please the bottle.

Side effects from taking the course

Needs medicine course on some of the side effects that assured the doctors need to treat them in the fastest time, where they pose a risk to the health of the patient must be cautious of them well and will explain some of these effects through the following points: –

  • Diarrhea chronic watery.
  • The appearance of blood in the stool.
  • Control chronic.
  • The occurrence of shortness of breath.
  • Puffiness in the face.
  • Swelling of the lips.
  • Feeling a chill.
  • Severe bouts of headaches.
  • Flu.
  • Hottest severe.
  • Bruises.
  • Cases of spasm.
  • Jaundice.
  • Conflict.

Contraindications to use of course

  • Prevents the intake of Curisafe in the incidence of the severe allergic reactions.
  • Granted in the case of allergies to the components of the property.
  • Warns to eat in breastfeeding period, fearing for the infant.
  • You should consult a doctor before taking it during pregnancy.
  • Be dangerous to kidney patients.
  • Prevents the intake of Curisafe in the case if the patient is on antibiotics again.
  • Should you stick to the prescribed by a doctor.

The price of course

  • Price diameter concentration of 100 mg in pharmacies Egyptian 7.31 pounds.
  • The price of the packaging of the drink concentration of 125 mg 12 pounds.
  • The price of refill capsule 500 mg 15 pounds.
  • The price of the refill drink concentration of 250 mg 15 pounds.
  • The company producing the drug is Fargo.

Treatment bacteria herbs

  •  Green tea: contains antioxidants that eliminate harmful bacteria and health by organizing it after the main meals.
  • Olive oil: contains benefits eliminate bacteria and germs by adding it to the food and the day to be with quick result.

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