Published capsules Effexor x-r to treat anxiety EFEXOR XR

Effexor x-r EFEXOR XR is one of the best drugs that treat cases of anxiety and stress suffered by a large percentage of people where that anxiety disorders psychological make person’s state of Health is good, doctors are advised of the necessity of treatment of these psychiatric disorders in quick time in order to psychological deterioration.


Reasons for the use of Effexor x-r

  • Used in the treatment of depression.
  • Treatment of anxiety and stress.
  • Treated cases of mental illness.
  • Helps in protecting the nervous system from damage.
  • Works to improve mood.

Allowed dose of Effexor x-r

  • The usual dose of capsule Effexor x-r be at the rate of 2 tablets daily one in the morning and the other in the evening.
  • The dosage of the Standing be at the rate of once a day.
  • Be at a dose rate of 37.5 mg and the maximum daily dose is 225 mg.

Side effects from taking Effexor x-r

Capsule Effexor X-R has some side effects which are dangerous to health, it would be necessary to take caution so as not to impact negatively on health, it would be necessary to identify in detail on these effects through the following points: –

  • The feeling of nausea.
  • Vomiting.
  • Headaches severe.
  • Insomnia the inability to sleep naturally.
  • Dryness of the mouth.
  • Nerve chronic.
  • Arab.

Sites use capsule Effexor x r

  • Not used medication EFEXOR XR in the period of breastfeeding as it be dangerous for the baby.
  • You should consult with your physician before you eat it kids.
  • Be better to refrain from driving a car at the time of therapy, where it causes drowsiness.
  • Must be the anaesthetic doctor I have learned taking this medication.
  • You must eat the doses prescribed by the doctor and not to overdo them.
  • Be better to tell your doctor of all other medications that are ingested.

Price capsule Effexor x r

  • Price of EFEXOR XR concentration of 75 mg 78 pounds.
  • Price of EFEXOR XR concentration of 150 mg 130 pounds.

Way to save capsule Effexor x r

  • Store the medicine at a temperature not higher than 30 Celsius.
  • Store in a place free from sunlight.
  • Keep away from children.

Anxiety treatment herbal

  • Herbs chamomile: from the leading herbs which are used in the treatment of anxiety and nervous tension suffered by the mission since they contain some natural substances that help in healing fast of mental disorders, where they are ingested, such as the tea boiled.
  • Rosemary: helps these herbs in the alleviation of the cases psychological anxiety and so gradually where it contains the elements of the spending quick on the tense muscles of the body and thus help to sleep naturally.
  • Lavender: this flower on some of the natural oils since it is very strong elements to eliminate anxiety and nervous tension, they are herb is able to relax the muscles and maintain mental calm.

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