Psychiatrist villain

World Psychiatry world about much less of the unknown has been adding a lot of mystery to this deep world, and alas, not a few of the writers, authors and makers of the drama and the novel may have exploited that area working to make them a world rich in the events, drama action like a mysterious world for Man is -from the point of view of authorship and the film industry, drama and the novel – Fertile field to provide what you say and what you want edited as an author to tell the most interesting story and without consideration of the impact on the people suffering and the patients are suffering and incentives added by the author in the way of a psycho was lurking a lot before going to a psychiatrist may be the reason corresponds to God in the lifting of their suffering and return to life the same and satisfied carefree… while that patient is in his hesitation as him watching a scene in a movie or series to a psychiatrist in his clinic and his practice with his patients, to say the least “evil” and then increase the frequency a thousand times and called it his way to a doctor’s office myself.

I’m not here to defend the psychiatrists because they are not accused, and for it praise the facts of the drama that adopted by the authors is the construction of their ideas and prove to hear a day in the field of psychiatry for the psychiatrist took the secrets of the patient or soma or leaked accidentally to the media or Or or…

Imam Al-Shafi’i -may God have mercy – I don’t know yet halal and Haram the most noble of the.

I would argue that the psychological of the finest branches of Medicine.

I’m experiencing anything myself, Please do not hesitate to visit a doctor is you serve will not offend you.

If you are an author or of and drama or have to communicate with someone at all, please, to reach the goal of the Arts which promoted human suffering and its not to be the cause of her visit to repel humans from the requested treatment on the grounds of tolerance or freedom of expression.

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