Prostate cancer symptoms and treatment methods

Show symptoms of prostate cancer a lot of men, especially the elderly, are determined that the symptoms, such as pain in the bladder, and the inability to control urine and having difficulty in erection, which is what we’ll talk about it in some detail.

What are the symptoms of prostate cancer?

There is a lot of the symptoms that alert of prostate cancer to initial symptoms and then the symptoms of other more prevalent:

  • The sensation of having infections and pain during the donation process.
  • The feeling of not the ability to perform the process of donation whether it is in the first operation switch or the end of the donation process.
  • Having difficulty with bladder control to mute the urine or secreted.
  • Frequent need to do the process of urination especially in the evenings.
  • Note the point of blood the stool or urine.
  • Erectile dysfunction.
  • The feeling of difficulty during the donation process.
  • Burning sensation during the process of ejaculation.

أعراض سرطان البروستاتا

After learning about the symptoms of prostate cancer if you notice the appearance of any of the previous symptoms mentioned by you or anyone close to you, you should visit a doctor immediately for proper treatment.

Symptoms of spread of prostate cancer

It is likely that the spread of prostate cancer to all parts of the body through the blood and it reaches to the bone, the spine of the first bone, which up to the prostate cancer, symptoms of prostate cancer that appears on the spine and the bones are as follows:

  • The sensation of having infections in the area of the thighs or the back area which ranging duration from days to weeks.
  • The sensation of pain in the legs and difficulty during the process.
  • The feeling of the inability to control urine during the process of output.
  • The high level of pain in the process of urination.

What are the causes of prostate cancer?

Says a lot of scientists that the symptoms of prostate cancer appear when it is an imbalance in tissues and cells, but the reasons that lead to prostate cancer is unknown.

Risk factors resulting from prostate cancer

  • People advanced in age may facilitate the risk of developing prostate cancer due to the increase of their age that makes them vulnerable always to engage in a serious condition.
  • Many which are caused by the causes are not know but the risk of prostate cancer may affects people with black skin from other people, and is likely to be prostate cancer symptoms more serious to them.
  • Family history of the patient so that if someone from the family members of prostate cancer since the period of time that facilitates you with prostate cancer, so you should be careful of prostate cancer symptoms that have been mentioned to avoid this dangerous disease and to know how to prevent prostate cancer symptoms.
  • Obesity and increased weight, because the more people know for prostate cancer they are suffering from an increase in the weight and in this case difficult to treat.

أعراض سرطان البروستاتا

Complications of prostate cancer

Spread of prostate cancer in the body is likely to be available to the members of the body which are located next to the prostate such as the bladder or may spread through the blood to the rest of the bones in the body, prevents the occurrence of fractures in bones and the sensation of pain resulting from the severity of prostate cancer and many of its spread in the rest of the members .

Before that cancer spreads in the body, it is possible to resize the area of concentrated cancer by eating drugs to treat prostate cancer, because the cure rate of prostate cancer is uncertain.

May lead to both prostate cancer and its treatment to urinary incontinence. Depends the treatment of enuresis on the type of source, and its intensity, extent and probability of its development with the passage of time, the options include treatment of urinary incontinence medicines and the catheter and through the committee for surgical procedures.

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May cause prostate cancer to a difficulty in the erection process because of the many medications used in the treatment of it, or because of the surgery, where there is a lot of drugs that help in erectile dysfunction.

أعراض سرطان البروستاتا

Methods of prevention of prostate cancer

There are several ways for the Prevention of prostate cancer symptoms are serious, and are as follows:

  • The need for diet contains a lot of kinds of vegetables and fruits, and avoiding food that contains large amount of fats and oils, it must be replaced with fruits useful vegetables rich in vitamins because they contain all the elements needed by the cells of the body to carry out its functions.
  • The need dimension for supplements abnormal because it works on the damaged cells and tissues, it has scientific research proved that dietary supplements pose a significant risk, and exposure to prostate cancer, it is necessary to eat food that contains the elements needed by the human body to work naturally, such as minerals, vitamins and calcium, so keeps your body from exposure to prostate cancer, or any diseases of the other.
  • Need to do some exercise during the week, because of sports, work to improve the health status and the body’s resistance to disease, the difficulty of able to serious diseases from infecting the body, such as prostate cancer and some other diseases, because of noted that persons who attend on the exercise of sports is difficult to know their prostate cancer about the people walking around her.

We’ve talked in this article about all the information and concepts that pertain to prostate cancer symptoms and how to treatment and Prevention, you can now move on to know what are the symptoms of prostate congestion and treated?

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