Proper hand washing and effective .. for the Prevention of MERS-CoV


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You might not think of you I start to ask about the correct way to wash your hands .. because you may think you know her! But unfortunately a lot of people don’t know the correct methods and effective hand washing how to get rid of viruses and bacteria sticking to it. They are not just put hands below the water and drag them but there are rules you must follow when washing your hands, especially in the circumstances which we are not currently and the spread of the new coronavirus these 19.

Hand washing and the elimination of corona virus

Not for many! Panic and the amounts which have no value now .. the best of that heritage and to protect yourself and your family in all ways available to you have, the things simple also it can protect you.

Not only is made clear by the World Health Organization (WHO) Centers for Disease Prevention (CDC) .. that the simplest and best way to prevent infection with MERS-CoV, cover is good hand washing!
In the framework of this general simple and effective, the director of the World Health Organization (Tedros Adhanom) to publish video on the social networking platforms organization and he washes his hand and offers people for the correct way to wash hands



Through the initiative or challenge (Safe Hands) to fight and reduce the spread of MERS-CoV, and asked followers to participate in this challenge to spread awareness on a large scale.

So it has been included proper hand washing and effective among the top methods of prevention of infection with crores of our new.

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The correct way to effectively wash hands

Hand washing is the most effective way to reduce the spread of diseases and microbes and viruses, and if Daum we may correctly say goodbye to the infection in any health problem. And the family a very important role in educating their children this year a simple act, but a large positive results.

As for the correct way to wash hands especially with the proliferation of the Korn .. they are as follows:

  • Open the tap with a towel or a napkin and then get rid of them
  • Put your hand under the running water
  • Wash your hands with soap
  • Rub enough well with
  • Distributed good soap on the surface of your hands
  • Make sure that the soap has reached the areas between your fingers
  • Connect the fingers of your hands together with the repetition of fractals as
  • Make sure you clean your thumbs
  • Press the fingers of your hands in the palm of your other hand
  • Dry your hands well with a clean towel
  • Turn off the tap with a tissue and mix them

Watch also:

  • You must be a member of the family a towel of its own
  • You should use the process of hand washing under running water for at least 20 seconds.

You know the deal on the way to wash your hands casually right through the info graphics below:

طريقة غسل-اليدين-للوقاية-من-كورونا

By washing-hands-prevent-from-Corona

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When should you wash hands?

With the spread of MERS-CoV, it became hand-washing is a paramount necessity must repeat it always .. you should wash your hands about every 30 minutes even though it was clean. Prevention is better than cure .. and in turn you must go back to your kids this year and inside their love of hygiene.

Not only is this a must after doing some things or important to wash your hands well-especially in days like this .. examples:

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