Price and specifications will be tablets for the treatment of cough, dry cough

The elements of the decision

Think medication will pills of months of medicines used in the treatment of cough dry gas accompanied by phlegm.

Features a medicine going to tablets as a quick effect works to calm the cough after about 20 minutes of ingesting the dose and the effect persists for six hours almost.

Has Siegel on the active material ” bases ” which works to calm the Center for coughing in the brain, which makes it one of the most effective drugs in the treatment of dry cough and catarrh of the popular acute and chronic sensitivity of the chest.

Features will be that it does not contain drugs or ingredients cause addiction if it is used for a long time, but it should be use after consulting a doctor.

Reasons for using pills will

Uses will be tablets in the treatment of the following cases:

– Cough treatment cough dry gas accompanied by phlegm and secretions risk.

– Treatment of shortness of breath and pain the chest resulting from infection with.

– Treat cases of asthma seasonal.

– Treatment of cough severe allergic reactions.

– Adjunct treatment for cases of influenza, colds, catarrh of the popular.

– Medication will be considered an extensive of the bronchi is useful in cases of wheezing that accompany the development of cases of allergic angina.

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– The treatment of cough the hard.

– Soothing for the respiratory system.
– Treatment of chronic cough, cold.

سيلجون اقراص لعلاج الكحةWill treat a cough

Dosage and usage instructions

– Uses the medication will be tablets in the treatment of cough dry doses determined by the doctor according to the patient’s health, age and weight.

– Dosage children older than 12 years is one tablet 3 times a day or 15 drops 3 times a day.
– Dose adults one tablet 4 times a day or 30 drops 3 times daily.
– Dose the children up to the age of two years 4 points once or three times a day or half a suppository twice a day.
– Dose children from the age of two years up to 6 years are 6 points 3 times a day or Buss will complete twice daily.

So the medication will be available in more than one form of medication is used for all ages, used to drive children and adults older than 12 years used the cones and to infants and children less than 12 years.

Contraindications to the use of tablets will

Prevents the use of tablets will play in the following cases:

– Cases of severe allergies to components of medication, which can be observed if there is swelling of the face, tongue, lips, throat, and extremities and one patient difficulty in swallowing or breathing, itchy rash.

– Do not use this medication during breastfeeding period because it can cause damage to the fetus, especially during the first three months of pregnancy, and in the case of extreme necessity you should consult your doctor first.

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– Can cause going to sleep, drowsiness, lack of focus, so you should not use it in the case of activities that require alertness and concentration and the formation of sharp instruments, and should not be used before driving a car.

– Used after consulting a doctor during the period of breastfeeding.

– Used with caution for patients with liver, kidney, and renal failure.

سعر ومواصفات سيلجون اقراص لعلاج السعال الجافPrice and specifications of tablets will treat a dry cough

Method of preservation and storage

– Store the medicine away from the reach of small children to avoid the risk of poisoning.
– Stimulates the drug away from sources of heat and humidity.
– Store the medicine away from direct sunlight.
– Store the medicine in its original packaging.
– Store the medicine in a temperature range between 15 and 30 degrees Celsius.

The price of tablets will

– Going to tablets available in pharmacies in packs of 20 CD concentration of 20 mg at 10.5 pounds.
Be point 15 ml available in pharmacies at a price of 12 pounds.
– The boss will 10 mg is available in pharmacies at a price of 5.25 pounds.

Effective tips to treat cough

Offers doctors a set of tips useful in the treatment of cough, are:

– Eating a large amount of water and fluids to moisten the throat and larynx.
– Stay away from smoking and income and sources of pollution.
– Eating chicken soup and warm water.
– Getting enough hours of sleep.
– Get rest and relaxation.
– Raise the head when sleeping to help the patient breathe better.
– Eat warm liquids with honey and lemon especially fennel, cinnamon and ginger.
– Taking supplements that contain vitamin ” D ” and vitamin ” C ” and zinc.
– Eat healthy foods and stay away from fast foods which contain preservatives and replace them with vegetables and fresh fruit to strengthen the immune system.
– Stay away from cold air currents and heating installation.
– Inhalation of water vapor to expand the bronchial tubes.
– Use a solution of salt and water gargle helps cleanse the milk from bacteria and germs.
– Intake of sedative medications for cough, such as will pills after consulting a doctor treats cough soothes irritation of the respiratory tract.

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So will tablets is a medicine contain active substances work to soothe a dry cough and quickly enhance the effect of calming the patient and lasts for a long time until intake of next dose which is suitable for all ages because it is available in more than one form of my medicine.

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