Price and specifications of the tablets Duff they Daflon to stop bleeding treatment of hemorrhoids

The elements of the decision

Depends medication Duff fight months Drugs The found that plugged in after the performance of abortion as after childbirth, both natural and C-section, it is of the drugs that move blood descending from the uterus in general, to a variety of information about Duff’s work from the location of the pharmacy.

Is Duff they 500 one of the drugs that treating hemorrhoids, and a lot of uses of a substance diosmin died, where these materials on the vessels vascular veins, as well as that these substances work on the relationship of the abundance of the menstrual cycle, and all the money the two are working on the improvement of circulatory disorders in the vein.

Know the methods of treatment of hemorrhoids for pregnant.


Learn the reasons for the use of the property considerably, including the following:

  • Relieve acute hemorrhoids, due, because the property works to strengthen blood vessels and veins and Prevention and thus reduce the pain to a great extent.
  • The property of months and prescription drugs safe in the treatment of copious amount of blood during the menstrual cycle, because Duff they work to increase the resistance of small blood vessels and strengthen them .
  • Your doctor may prescribe a processor unit and not based on make or tips from another patient, Dave Colon for the treatment of disorders of the state venous, which results in after the bulging of the foot and pain for the feet because blood is not reaching the legs.
  • The property is described also for the treatment of varicose treatment and pain of the testicles.

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دافلونDuff they


  • Must be prescribed by a doctor according to the age of the patient and the pathological and genetic history in the family of the patient.
  • For for of acute hemorrhoids be dosage, 6 tablets a day by taking two tablets three times after meals for a week, as the dose is reduced to a two or three day after eating.
  • It is worth mentioning that in the case of the treatment of hemorrhoids recommended the kids by moving your feet, especially in the case of sit for many.
  • But the dose in any another case, take the tablet two or three a day, three times after eating.
  • But in the case of the monthly cycle heavy or bleeding, usually dose, two tablets three times a day until the bleeding stops or reduce its amount.

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Side effects

  • May cause the property set of side effects that may be felt by all patients, and it doesn’t do any ill, you more about side effects.
  • Likely to cause the property it digestive disorders.
  • May cause the property bouts of diarrhea.
  • The feeling of vomiting and nausea, with headache.

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  • In general, you must consult a doctor to prevent the symptoms of unwanted side.
  • The real estate is forbidden for those who suffer from allergies from any component of the property.
  • Pregnancy, the real estate is considered exactly safe for pregnant and the fetus but would prefer to also consult a therapist.
  • Breastfeeding, the property secure but you must consult a physician.

Precautions before taking the drug.

  • Tell your doctor of all medications covered by the history.
  • In the event that the patient is taking this drug as a result of injury hemorrhoids severe, there must be continuous follow-up with the doctor and note how the continuity of the symptoms associated with hemorrhoids and in case of persistence of symptoms for more than two weeks of taking the medication, you should refer to a doctor.
  • Or in the case of the patient suffering from a disorder in the state IV, to be accompanied by eating Duff they diet and physically healthy and sound to get the best results fast.
  • Prefer to eat and chew well.
  • Would prefer to refrain from taking aspirin and similar nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs gas steroid.
  • It is worth mentioning that Duff they described to deliver and stop the bleeding of the menstrual cycle under the supervision of a doctor, but Dave, they don’t reduce the duration of any state and does not cause delays or prevent the state.
  • It should be noted that so far there is no scientific research confirming that the medication Duff they cause weight gain.
  • For patients pressure, you must consult your physician before taking the drug, but often is not inconsistent Duff working with a patient pressure, because real estate Duff they work on the veins only, but each patient’s response .

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Up the price of the refill Duff working in pharmacies Egyptian 64.5 pounds.

We have provided you information about Duff advantage of the most important reasons for its use and favorable dealt with their site is not responsible for take the drug without consulting the doctor.

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