Price and specifications of the Rivet are tablets to open appetite weight gain and treatment of allergies

The elements of the decision

Uses Rivet are a large number of therapeutic purposes and Health where he works on the treatment of poor appetite and helps to gain weight and get rid of symptoms of itching and allergic skin rashes.

This is considered the drug of months used drugs for the treatment of thinness and overweight where working on the appetite significantly and increases the susceptibility to eat.
It also helps to treat allergies, headaches, migraine and inflammation of the eyes and respiratory tract.

The report provides the following information about this medication multi-use and the reasons for its use and its impacts side and the right dosage which should be determined by your doctor.

Reasons for using pills are

This drug is used to treat a large number of cases, including:

– Treating sensitive, itchy eyes and inflammation of conjunctiva.
– Used to treat thinness and underweight.
– Used to open the appetite.
– Used to treat infections of the nose.
– Used to treat pain and sensitivity of the sinus.
– Treatment of skin allergies and and itching and skin rashes.
– The treatment of migraine head aches.
– Used to treat eczema skin.
– The treatment of allergies resulting from certain foods.

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برشام ترايكتين فاتح للشهية ومضاد للحساسيةRivet see appetizing and hypoallergenic

Dosage and method of use

– The dosage is determined according to the situation of health of the patient.
– The usual dose for adults is one tablet three times a day.
– The dose can be increased according to the situation of Health for up to 8 tablets in divided doses during the day.
– Is reducing the dose of the elderly to one tablet 3 to 4 times throughout the day.

– Dose children from 7 years to 14 years, one tablet, twice or 3 times a day.
– You must comply with that prescribed by a doctor and not exceeded.
– Preferably taking the medication before meals.
– The tablets should be swallowed whole with a sufficient amount of water should not be cracking or grinding disk.
– In case you forget the dose must be addressed immediately remember you should not double doses.

Symptoms side Rivet are

Can cause the rivet to see some side effects which occur either due to excessive intake of medication and lack of commitment to quality prescribed by the doctor or due to intolerance of some patients to the drug components, and most important of these symptoms include the following:

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– The complaint of lethargy and laziness and the desire to sleep.
– Dry mouth and feeling thirsty.
– Difficulty of swallowing, inflammation of the throat.
– Complaints of itching and rashes.
– Disorders more influenced by the psychological state of feeling depressed.

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Sites use are

Not this drug is used in the following cases:

– Cases of allergic reactions to components of the medication.
– Do not used during pregnancy because it can cause abnormalities of the fetus has sparked negative growth.
– Not used for patients with sensitivity of the chest and asthma.
– Not used for patients with intestinal obstruction.
– Not used for cardiac patients and high blood pressure.
– Not used for the elderly and vulnerable and debilitated.
– Not used for children.
– Do not use this medication for The during the period of breastfeeding because it is up to the infant through breast milk.
– Not used for patients with glaucoma ” glaucoma ” .
– Do not use this medication in conjunction with dietary supplements and herbal medicines.
– Not used for patients with prostatic hypertrophy.
– You should follow a healthy diet during the treatment period so as not to cause increased appetite in eating certain foods unhealthy, especially sugars and fatty foods.
– You must follow up with the doctor Fed’s commitment with the treatment of this medication to determine the cause of thinness whether it’s genetic or psychological or organic so happens doses of the drug that will fit every situation.

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برشام ترايكتين فاتح للشهيةRivet see appetizing

Use while driving

You should stop driving a car or operate machinery severe or do activities that require a high degree of focus and alertness during treatment, where can cause drug feeling light-headed, dizziness and lack of focus.

The price of tablets are

Medication are available in pharmacies at a price of 13.50 Egyptian pounds.

Think of the Rivet are of multiple medications use prescribed by a doctor to treat a large number of cases, it’s the appetizer treats thinness strong and anti-allergenic and skin sensitivity of the eyes and sinuses, is taken under the supervision of a physician prescribed dosages to avoid any side effects.

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