Price and specifications of the pills to see Lanka for the treatment of epilepsy soothe the nerves

The elements of the decision

Think pills to see Lanka of the most controversial drugs because they are used in the treatment of epilepsy and to calm the nervous system and at the same time can cause addiction which needs treatment if it happened.

Contain pills to see Lanka for an analgesic is ” began” to address the problem of partial epilepsy and prevent it from spreading in other parts of the body to be controlled in one place of the body.

Like any other used as a drug or as a powerful sedative which causes the problem of addiction.

Reasons for using pills to see Lanka

These pills of medications effective in the treatment of pain, in many cases, you need to enable the strong controls on the and, the description of these pills under a doctor’s supervision to treat the following cases:

– Calm the nerves.
– Treat partial epilepsy.
– Control of epileptic seizures.
– The treatment of depression, anxiety, and tension.
– Painkiller diabetics.
– Treatment of severe pain resulting from injuries to the spine and spinal cord.
– The treatment of pain in cases of herpes zoster.
– Treatment of pain in cancer patients who are treated with chemotherapy.
– Suffer the pain of the legs and hands as they work to control the movement of nerve cell excess.
– Dependent neurotransmitter help in balancing the electrical signals in the nervous system thereby reducing pain.
– An assistant to the drugs conflict, which helps control his seizures and pain.

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Use of birth control pills to see Lanka as a director

You should pay attention only that this drug is used only after the prescription doses specific for the following reasons:

– Some resort to the use of these pills as a drug alternative tramadol causing addiction.
– Excessive use of medication and abuse of high doses causes a risk of addiction.
– Make doctors these pills among drugs of addiction drug, even though they are pain relievers.
– The use of the drug without consulting a doctor can cause considerable damage to the nervous system.

The dose used

– This medication is used only after consulting a doctor.
– The doctor determines the dosage and method of use based on the health status of the patient.
– You must comply with that prescribed by your physician very carefully without overeating.
– You must comply with the time period prescribed by the doctor for treatment without towards her.
– You should not stop taking the drug abruptly without consulting the doctor.
– You should not stop taking the medication gradually so as not to the patient for symptoms of withdrawal strong.
– You must eat the grain with a sufficient amount of water and fluids.
– You should tell your doctor the list of medications covered by the patient before starting the treatment.
– You must perform analysis to check on liver and kidney function before starting treatment.

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ليريكا 50 مجمSee Lanka 50 a

Side effects

Can cause of these grains in the occurrence of side effects in some patients, the most important being:

– Digestive disorders, injury and bouts of constipation and diarrhea
– The feeling of water, vomiting and nausea.
– Dryness of the mouth and throat.
– Fatigue in dizziness the cycle.
– Confusion and lack of concentration.
– Swelling and numbness of the parties.
– A sudden increase the time.
– Loss of sexual desire.
– Deformation and poor memory.
– Rampage and lack of concentration.
– Erectile dysfunction in men.
– Gas distension in the stomach.
– Pain in the muscles and joints.
– Disturbances in level of blood sugar.
– Increased uptake of eating disorders in the appetite.
– Marks of the mission by losing the desire to eat, anaemia, loss of weight and lean.
– Disturbances in eye movement.
– Increased activity and disturbances in the reactions.
– Rash and itchy skin.
– Sensitivity of the sinus was nominated.
– High ratio of creatinine and potassium salts in the blood disorders kidney function.
– Liver function disorders, jaundice.
– Extreme thirst.
– Increased secretion of saliva.
– Difficulty and pain in urination.
– Urinary incontinence.
– Severe pain in the menstrual period.
– Erectile dysfunction.
– Distorted vision Well eye.
Should consult the doctor in case of symptoms of side seconds and the normal.

حبوب ليريكا 150 مجمPills to see Lanka 150 a

Withdrawal symptoms

When you stop taking these pills your body is exposed to some withdrawal symptoms, mainly:

– A strong tendency for growth.
– Severe dizziness and loss of balance.
– A severe drought period.
– Constipation and digestion.
– Memory disorders and loss of focus.
– Sudden swelling of parties.
– Sudden increase in weight.
– Severe depression.
– Rampage and lack of concentration.
– The emergence of the tendencies of suicide, desire to self-harm.

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Ways to treat addiction pills to see

If you happened to addiction due to intake of these pills can be cured as follows:

Withdrawal therapy, where the drugs are working to rid the body of toxins has raised drug the doctor may prescribe a drug less severe as a transition between the stop to see Lanka, and recovery from addiction.
Treatment of psychological damage, where is the psychiatrist to treat the depression and suicidal tendencies caused by addiction to this drug so that the patient can return to his normal life with the need to support the Devils don’t even pass this stage peacefully.

ليريكا 75 مجمSee Lanka 75 a

Driving and operating machinery

This drug causes a lack of focus, loss of balance and vision disorders in memory, so you should avoid using sharp instruments and from driving a car during the period of treatment.

Preservation and storage

– Stimulates the disease away from the reach of children .
– Saves at a temperature not exceeding 25 degrees Celsius.
– Saves in original packaging.

The price of the medication to see Lanka

Medication to see Lanka available in pharmacies at the following prices:

– Capsules concentration of 150 A at 274 pounds.
– Capsules concentration of 75 A at 180 pounds.
– Capsules concentration of 300 A at a price of 374 pounds.

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