Price and specifications of the pills to see Lanka 300 for the treatment of epilepsy disorders of the nervous system

The elements of the decision

Will we know them today via a site pharmacy every respect to the claims of pills to see Lanka 300 which are used as a sedative and to treat nervous system disorders and treatment of epileptic seizures.

Consists of pills to see 300 of the active substance ” began”, which is widely used in the treatment of epilepsy and in control.

But you should use this medication under strict medical supervision so as not to be wasteful in the use of it leads to it, thus limiting the addiction and mental-health problems and psychological of the patient.

Reasons for using pills to see Lanka 300

The medication is used to see 300 as a painkiller basically it depends of the strongest types of painkillers available in the markets, and the benefits of using medication to see 300 as follows:

– Helps to calm the nervous system and treat the symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression.
– Useful in a clump of epilepsy and to control his seizures.
– Helps to soothe the intense pain after injuries of the bones and spine.
– Works on Analgesia Pain diabetes herpes.
– Suffer the pain of bones and muscles.
– Reduces the pain of rheumatism rate.
– Used to ease the pain of cancer patients.

Price and specifications of the pills to see Lanka for the treatment of epilepsy soothe the nerves

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حبوب ليركا 300 جمPills to see 300 g

Dosage and usage instructions

– The doctor determines the dosage used accurately and must be adhered to and not exceeded.
– You should use this medication under strict medical supervision.
– Must take medication during a certain period of time prescribed by your doctor you should not trade it.
– Is stop taking the medication gradually and avoid abrupt cessation of treatment so as not to cause withdrawal symptoms strong.
– You must install the timing the intake of pills to see Lanka 300 and taken at a date fixed daily.
– You must eat complete grain without crushing them or breaking them and swallow it with a sufficient amount of money.

Side effects of birth control pills to see Lanka 30

This medication can cause some of the symptoms and side effects especially if they don’t meet the patient’s gene identified by a doctor, the most important of these symptoms include the following:

– Feeling nauseous and wanting to vomit.
– Diarrhea or constipation, indigestion, distension of the colon.
– Distorted thinking and loss of ability to focus.
– Numbness and tingling of the parties.
– Dizziness, headache, courses.
– Weight gain and increased appetite and eat a lot.
– Dryness of the throat and mouth and feeling thirsty constantly.
– Loss of sexual desire and erectile dysfunction.
– Pain in joints and muscles.
– The fluctuation of the sugar levels in blood.
– Rampage activity plus lack of control on the feedback.
– Pruritus and shook discuss the rash.
– Sneezed nominated from the nose, itching and allergy in the sinuses.
– The occurrence of disturbances in renal function and increase the proportion of salts bakeries.
– Distorted vision and blurred her old eyes.
– Disturbances in the functions of the liver injury and jaundice..
– Retention of urine.
– Dysmenorrhea and increasing pain of the menstrual cycle.

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حبوب ليركا 300Pills to see 300

Damage excessive use of birth control pills to see

Must adhere to the patient to take the medication to see according to the instructions of the doctor and not exceeded, with a commitment period determined by the doctor for treatment, and if it does happen it can occur some complications and occurs addiction as a result of the implementation of the drug in high doses as an anesthetic without a doctor’s advice.
Must stop taking this drug gradually, under medical supervision, because sudden stop can cause withdrawal symptoms strong and similar to the symptoms suffered by addicts of narcotic drugs such as tramadol, and it is these symptoms:
– Feeling light-headed and Drug Administration and unbalance.
– Drowsiness and desire to sleep.
– Rampage and the inability to control impulse.
– Severe headache and loss of ability to focus.
– Severe constipation and abdominal.
– Swelling of the legs and fluid retention in the body.
– Increase in weight.
– Deviation of more poor mental state and depression.
– By the disease on the actions of causing harm to yourself or to others.

How is addiction treatment pills to see?

If you happened to use the wrong reasons to see and describe the patient’s stage of addiction, it must resort to the doctor to make a treatment plan fast to save the patient from the addiction, where treatment is carried out as follows:

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– Get rid of the withdrawal symptoms that led to the use of this drug, where the doctor prescribes drugs that contain the same active ingredient concentration of less to replace the grain that caused the addiction then is withdrawn from the body gradually.
– Treatment of the debtor psychologically by subjecting the plan of treatment of Afford of suicide or hurting himself or causing any damage to the surroundings, and some cases stay in a psychiatric facility for the treatment of addiction for a period of time prescribed by your doctor to make sure of a full recovery for the patient, and create the body from the effects of the drug.

Driving and operating machinery during treatment

Cause the medication to see the loss of ability to concentrate and headaches well Eye Disorders in memory, so you should avoid doing any activity that requires alertness and concentration during the treatment period.

Preservation and storage of medication

– Stimulates the malady out of the reach of the hands of children .
– Store in room temperature not exceeding 30 degrees Celsius.

The price of the medication to see Lanka

Medication to see Lanka available in pharmacies in packs containing capsules concentration of 300 A at a price of 374 pounds.

Then the pills to see Lanka 300 used as a painkiller and to treat the conflict, but suspected to use under a doctor’s supervision and commitment to quality specified, otherwise it turned to addiction and the patient needs psychiatric treatment and to protect him from complications.

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