Price and specifications of the medicine colorectal chlorohistol anti-anti-histamine for the treatment of itching, allergies

The elements of the decision

Uses medication chlorohistol to treat skin allergies and sensitivity chest cough and quickly enhance its effect as a result of his effective in the treatment of skin itching and symptoms of allergies especially seasonal.

Need medication colorectal the active substance ” coordinate ” anti-anti-histamine which works to stop the body’s secretion of histamines allergens, which makes it anti-inflammatory help on allergies in all its forms.
This drug is available in tablet form for adults and adults and syrup for young children.

We will give you today a comprehensive report on medication colorectal into account its use and the side effects that can accompany and contraindications to use.

Pleased to use drug chlorohistol

Uses medication colorectal in the treatment of cases of Allergy the following:

– Treatment of allergic rhinitis and sinuses.
– Treatment of skin allergies hives are often.
– Treatment of skin rash.
– Treatment of hay fever.
– Treatment of catarrh, cold.
– Treatment of eye allergies.
– Treat the sneezing and flu symptoms.
– Treatment of infections and seasonal allergies.
– Treatment of infections of the respiratory tract and throat.
– Treatment of eczema.
– Uses medication chlorohistol to treat the symptoms of allergies for children.
– Used to treat cough and cough.
– Treatment of infections bronchitis.
– The treatment of allergies resulting from certain foods.
– Treatment of cases of chickenpox in children.

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دواء chlorohistol شراب مضاد للهيستامين لعلاج الحساسية والكحةMedication chlorohistol syrup anti anti-histamine to treat allergies and cough

Side effects

Some patients may be experience side effects including:

– The appearance of allergic symptoms swelling of the mouth, face, throat and tongue.
– Headaches and dizziness.
– Nausea and vomiting.
– Colic pain in the abdomen.
– The tendency for sleepiness.
– Disorders in sleep.
– Arrhythmia.
– Impotence.
– Severe sweating.
– Irregular menstrual cycle.
– Infection of the participation of hemolytic anemia.
– Retention of urine and pain when urinating.
– The feeling of tinnitus in the ear.
– Feeling of tightness in the chest.
– Anxiety and tension, depression, nightmares, night the.
– Poor digestion.

Sites to use

Not this drug is used in the following cases:

– Hypersensitivity to components of drug.
– A disease of the heart, arteries and blood vessels.
– Cases of urinary tract infection.
– Cases of inflammation of the prostate.
– Not used in conjunction of alcohol intake, and stop taking them before the beginning of the relationship period of not less than six months.
– Does not use the elderly only under medical supervision.
– Not used for cases of bladder neck obstruction.
– Not used in conjunction with other drugs only after consulting your doctor to avoid drug interactions.
– Not used for asthma patients.

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دواء chlorohistol لعلاج الحساسية الجلدية وحساسية الصدرMedication chlorohistol to treat skin allergies and sensitivity of the chest

Use during pregnancy and lactation

– Not this drug is used during pregnancy because it can cause abnormalities of the fetus.
– Do not used during lactation because it is up to the infant through breast milk and cause no side effects unstable.

Dosage and usage instructions

– The doctor determines the dosage according to the patient’s health, age and weight.
– Must meet the patient with the prescribed dose accurately.
– The usual dose for adults : 4 mg every 6 hours equivalent to one tablet or tablespoon.
– The maximum dose is 32 mg daily.
– Dose children from the age of 6 years until 12 years: one 5 ml syrup every 8 hours, or half a tablet a maximum of 12 mg daily.
Dose – child-labor force of 3 to 5 years: half a teaspoon 2.5 ml 3 times a day.
– Dose children from the age of one year to two years: half teaspoon twice daily.

– The tablets should be swallowed whole with a sufficient amount of water without crushing or chewing.

Preservation and storage

– Store the medicine away from the reach of the hands of children.
– Keep away from heat and moisture.
– Saves at a temperature not exceeding 25 degrees Celsius.

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Price Corel chlorohistol

– Stop medication colorectal tablets in a carton pack yellow by partner each partner 10 tablets 4 A at a price of 32 pounds.
– Stop medication colorectal in the form of syrup for children bottle of 100 ml, in the box in yellow at the price of 28 pounds.

Tips to treat allergies

Can alleviate the symptoms of allergies by following a few tips, including:

– Stay away from allergy foods and beverages.
– Stay away from animals and games that contain the software and furs and felt.
– Stay away from smoking and pollution sources.
– Wear soft cotton to alleviate itching skin.
– Interest in using the cream for protection from the sun’s harmful rays.
– Use a moisturizing cream to the skin to treat dehydration.
– Use anti anti-histamine under the supervision of a physician such as medication colorectal after consulting a doctor to reduce the symptoms of allergies are annoying.

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الحساسية الجلديةSkin allergies

So the medicine chlorohistol of the drugs anti anti-histamine used to treat all kinds of allergic skin and allergic respiratory cough cough, they are advised to consult your doctor before use and commitment to quality accurately specified.

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