Price and specifications of the medication betaserc base tablets for the treatment of dizziness and unbalance

The elements of the decision

Depends medication betaserc base of the best drugs to treat disorders of the inner ear as well as feeling dizzy and unbalance, but mind the dosage you must be under the supervision of your physician to prevent any complications, here’s more about real estate base.

  • The active substance in the medication base, is the substance of The, an inhibitor of monoamine oxidase diamine, where work similar to anti-histamine for the treatment of disease losses.
  • Article active in real estate working on the widening of blood vessels and increase the permeability and therefore less sense of the patient’s dizziness and unbalance.

Know the methods of treatment of vertigo and dizziness.


  • The property is prescribed for those who suffer from the disease of failure.
  • The property is prescribed for those who suffer from dizziness and unbalance .
  • Property is often described as the most of the time to prevent the suffering of poise and tinnitus the inner ear.
  • The contract is effective in treating and relieving circulatory disorders.
  • The property is prescribed for the treatment of people who suffer from increased fluid in the ear, causing excess fluid in the ear feeling dizzy.
  • The contract is effective in treating cases of difficulty or hearing loss.

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  • The property must be the dose under the supervision of a physician according to the pathological, the general causes of vertigo, taking into account age group.
  • Usually the dose of drug, the tablet two or three times per day.
  • The property exists in a number of concentrations, including 8, 16 and 24 MGS.

 دواء betasercMedication betaserc

Contraindications to taking the drug.

  • The property prevents those who suffer from allergies from any component of the property.
  • The property prevents the intake of suffering from bronchial asthma acute.
  • The property is strictly prohibited for those who suffer from a tumor of the adrenal glands.
  • Pregnancy, the drug prevents the pregnancy only under the supervision of a physician, because it may cause abnormalities to the fetus.
  • Breastfeeding, the real estate granted during the period of breastfeeding to prevent the integrity of the property into breast milk.
  • The property, of course, prevent the intake of children less than 18 years.
  • The property gives for those who suffer from ulcers of the stomach and intestines or digestive problems.

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Side effects

The property may cause a number of side effects, including:

  • The property in the case of many patients may cause itchy feeling or irritation, but with continued itchy feeling or a rash or shortness of breath or swelling of the face and Jaws, you must go to the nearest medical center.
  • The property in many cases may cause bouts of headaches.
  • The property base may cause a feeling of fullness or bloating or gas.
  • Of months symptoms side absolutely work, the feeling of powerful in stomach with feeling of indigestion.

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Alternatives to the property

  • The property has many alternatives of them, free tablets, or histone tablets.
  • There are also other alternatives such as Heston your tablets, or disease tablets.
  • As can the intake of beta-equality tablets as an alternative to or decree pills or meet pills


  • The price of real estate is constantly changing but the last price that was monitoring his work, the peace pill 8 mg price of 63 pounds.
  • And the price was monitoring his base pills 16 mg price 88.25 pounds.

We have provided you information about medication base, but there must be supervision of a physician, the site is not responsible for take the drug without consulting your doctor.

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