Price and specifications of the drug Zyrtec anti anti-histamine to treat allergies

The elements of the decision

Uses medication Zyrtec in treating allergy symptoms of all kinds, he of the drugs anti anti-histamine treat symptoms of cold, cold, cold and zakat, influenza, and the sensitivity of the eyes, nose and skin.

Has Zyrtec on the water the effective ” size ” which works to calm the allergy symptoms of itchy and shook to interference, which makes it an effective drug in the treatment of allergies resulting from dirt, dust, animal dander and perfumes.

Think of the medications are fast-acting and which does not cause drowsiness significantly terms take effect fully in just one hour of eating it.

Reasons to use medication Zyrtec

Work active ingredient found in Zyrtec for inhibition of the interaction of histamine which is secreted by the body in reaction to stimuli which are allergies that cause the interaction of the immune system and cause sneezing, cough and itching were the eyes, runny nose, cold urticaria and skin allergies.
One of the most important uses of this medication include the following:

– Skin allergies and the Pussycat.
– Sensitive eyes.
– The sensitivity of the nose and sinuses.
– Treatment of hay fever.
– Treatment of symptoms associated with cold and influenza.
– Treatment of colds, runny nose.
– The treatment of allergies resulting from exposure to to dust pollen.
– A sign of conjunctivitis vernal equinox.

Price and specifications of the tablets lotion ZYRTEC Zyrtec treat allergic sinusitis

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زيرتك شراب 100 ملZyrtec syrup 100 ml

Dosage and method of use

Expect Zarek In several forms of drug treatments, point of syrups and tablets and the doctor will determine the dosage according to the patient’s health and age are going through as follows:

1 – dose minister to your points:
– Children from two years to six years : 5 points twice a day.
– Children’s dose from six years to 12 years : 10 points twice daily.
– Dose children greater than 12 years: 20 points once a day.

2 – the dose of Zyrtec syrup:
– Children from two years to six years : 2.5 ml twice daily.
– Children from six years up to 12 years : 5 ml twice daily.
– Children over 12 years : 10 ml once a day and can be divided to two doses.

3 – the dose of Zyrtec tablets:
– From six years to 12 years: half a tablet once daily.
– Dosage children older than 12 years and adults: one story once a day.

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Tips when taking the medicine Zyrtec

– Uses the drug under the supervision of a physician .
– Preferably taking the medication at night before bedtime because it can cause drowsiness a little.
– Must take medication until you talk symptoms.
– You should not stop medication without consulting your doctor.
– You must comply with that prescribed by the doctor with the use of the facility to measure the doses accurately.
– You must comply with the time period prescribed by the doctor for treatment.
– You must not concern in case of doses and where the secretary of medication safe, but in the case of excess doses significantly you must inform the emergency immediately.
– The tablets should be swallowed whole with a sufficient amount of money without the grind or break it.

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زيرتك نقطZarek points

Side effects

Can cause a medicine Zyrtec in the occurrence of some side effects, the main ones being:

– The water of grace photo.
– Headaches and stress.
– The feeling of nausea and vomiting.
– Pain in the stomach.
– Dryness of the mouth and throat.
– Disorders of digestion and diarrhea.
– Skin rash and itching.
– Increase in weight.
– Increased appetite.
– Increase in the rate of the heartbeat which is a rare display.
– Insomnia and sleep disorder.
– The deformation of the vision.
– Retention of urine and pain when urinating.

Sites objectives use

Prevents the use of the medicine Zyrtec in the following cases:

– The case of the presence of allergy to components of the drug.
– Kidney patients and kidney failure.
– Not used for infants and children less than two years.
– Not used in cases of allergies of the glass.
– Not used in case of allergies of fructose.

Use during pregnancy and lactation

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– Do not used this drug during the first three months of pregnancy, used after consulting a doctor.
– You can use Zyrtec during breastfeeding period where it is not secreted in the breast milk and cause harm to the infant but it is preferable to consult the doctor before use.

Driving and operating machinery

Typically do not cause Zyrtec problems balanced focus, so a person can exercise his natural life without concern unless caused medication feeling sleepy unbalance here should stop driving or doing work that needs alertness and concentration even bear symptoms.

Preservation and storage

– Store the medicine away from the reach of the hands of children.
– Stimulates the drug at a temperature not exceeding 25 degrees Celsius.
– Use monetary and drink during the month from the date of opening the package.

The price of the medication Zyrtec

This drug is available in pharmacies in several forms and prices are as follows:

– Zyrtec tablets concentration of 10 A at a price of 39.75 pounds.
– Zyrtec syrup 0.1 % syrup 100 ml at a price of 20 Egyptian pounds.
– Zarek points to a concentration of 10 mg/ mL at a price of 18 pounds.

Medication Zyrtec of months medications treatment of allergies because of the antihistamines that stop the allergy symptoms of itching and itchy, runny nose quickly and effectively it can be used for children from the age of two years safely.

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