Price and specifications of the drug disease tablets for the treatment of bloating, gas and digestive disorders

The elements of the decision

Depends medication disease tablets of of months of medicines that are prescribed and used to treat bloating and accumulation of gas in the stomach, especially just before surgical operations and to conduct screening on the abdomen.

Helps disease to cure bloating, chest tightness and pain rib cage resulting from the presence of gas in the stomach and pressure on the diaphragm.

Needs to display on the article activity ” seen ” that reduce the tension of gases in the stomach and treats bloating and fullness dyspepsia.

Reasons for using tablets despite

Used to display tablets in the treatment of the following cases:

– Treatment of bloating and accumulation of gas in the stomach.
– Treatment of pain, the rust resulting from the accumulation of gases.
– Treatment of inflammation of colon and irritable bowel syndrome.
– Treatment of dyspepsia.
– Treatment of inflammation of the stomach.
– Sign of irritation of the colon colic resulting from the gases.
– Processing of surgical operations and conduct of X on the abdomen.
– Soothe the pain of the stomach and colic.
– The treatment of acidity and reflux esophagitis.
– Treatment of heartburn.
– Treatment of gastric ulcer.
– Treatment of pain, irritable bowel syndrome and help relax the muscles of the stomach-hard.
– Treatment of vomiting and nausea resulting from the accumulation of gas in the stomach and colon.

Months medication on to treat cramps, colic, gas and acidity

ديسفلاتيل اقراص لعلاج الغازاتDisease tablets for the treatment of invasive

Dosage and method of use

– The doctor determines the dosage depending on the condition of the patient’s health and age group to which it belongs.
– You must comply with that prescribed by the doctor and not changed.
– The usual dose is of loan to two tablets 3 times a day after eating and before bedtime.
– The dose by an X-ray on the abdomen: from tablet to tablet 3 times a day for three days before the examination.
– Used to drive display through the Egyptian period until the end of the disk, and can be ingested with the amount of pure water.
– Feature discs display the accepted and does not cause any feeling of discomfort.

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The side effects of display

This medication can cause some side effects gas level, although it is safe medicine but can occur following symptoms if you over-eat.:

– The feeling of vomiting and nausea.
– The feeling of colicky pain in the stomach.
– The occurrence of headache and dizziness.
– The occurrence of diarrhea and disorders in digestion.
– Feeling of tightness of breath and difficulty in swallowing.
– The occurrence of inflammation in the pancreas.
– Disturbances in liver functions up to liver failure when I can’t KDE to get rid of excess doses.
– A decrease in the number of platelets.
– A decrease in the number of red and white blood cells.
– A rise in eye pressure.
– The occurrence of pneumonia.
– The occurrence of disturbances in renal function.

– The occurrence of rash and itching and shook the bedding and redness of the skin, and in face, mouth, tongue, and lips due to an allergic reaction of the body towards the active material.
So we have a commitment to quality are prescribed by your doctor and not exceed them so don’t be a patient experience side effects is indispensable.

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Treatment of bloating and gas the most important reasons and tips important for the prevention

ديسفلاتيل اقراص لعلاج الغازات والانتفاخDisease pills to treat gas and bloating

Contraindications and precautions to use

Avoid taking this medication in some cases patients where this drug is one of the most important of these barriers are the following:

– Do not use in cases of hypersensitivity to the components of medication and effective.
– Not used for patients with liver and have disturbances in liver functions.
– Not used for patients with kidney and urinary tract infections and kidney failure.
– Not used for diabetes only at reduced doses prescribed by your doctor strictly.
– Do not use this medicine for children under 12 years of age and after consulting a doctor.

Use while driving a car.

Would prefer not to use medication display while driving a car and must avoid the use of sharp instruments and heavy during the period of treatment, where the cause of this vertigo and sleep and sleepiness, which affects the cognitive abilities of the patient.
So I prefer not to drive during your treatment display until the demise of these symptoms and feeling the patient feel better and return to his normal.

Use during pregnancy and lactation

– Do not used this drug during the first three months of pregnancy, should consult a doctor before use during the months of pregnancy last to make sure that no negative effects on the fetus.
– Do not use this medication without consulting dysfunction period of breastfeeding to ensure the non-occurrence of any negative impact on the infant.

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Interactions drug disease with other drugs

– Usually does not occur interactions between the active substance in the disease and other drugs.
– Does not happen between this drug interaction with alcoholic beverages.
– You must use this drug with caution with drugs to treat diabetes because it contains sucrose, so you should consult a doctor and follow sugar in the blood during the treatment period.

Preservation and storage

– Features display the taste of sugar is acceptable, so you must save it out of reach of children.
– Store in a cool, dry place away from heat and humidity and dimension.
– Store in room temperature which is not exceeding 30 degrees Celsius.
– Keep the disks in terms of the original until the moment of eating.
– Uses the medication during the period of validity of the city on the packaging.

The price of the medication despite

Expect disease pills in pharmacies chewable and in a pack containing 3 said metal of each strip of 10 tablets at the price of 21.50 pounds.

From here we expect to be drug disease pills of safe drugs to use to treat bloating, gas and digestive disorders and is characterized by the taste of sugar acceptable subject to chew, but should consult a doctor before use and commitment to quality that happen to avoid any complications or side effects unstable.

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