Price and specifications of the drug base tablets for the treatment of vertigo and dizziness and circulation problems

The elements of the decision

Depends medication base of of months of medicines used to treat the symptoms of vertigo, dizziness and problems with balance, blood circulation and tinnitus.

Needs a base to extend the ” betahistine ” and is the active substance occurs in the body the effect is similar to what happens to his drugs anti-histamine, they affect receptors E-3 in the nervous system which helps in the treatment of dizziness.

Are usually prescribed medication to base perhaps the problems of the middle ear that cause dizziness, lack of balance, nausea and vomiting, so this drug helps to restore balance to the body.

Reasons for using pills base

Used to drive base in the treatment of a number of cases associated with nervous system, ear, central and circulation problems, as follows:

– Treatment of dizziness and vertigo.
– The treatment of disorders of blood circulation.
– A sign of feeling nauseous and wanting to vomit.
– Treatment of hearing disorders.
– Treatment of tinnitus.
– Treatment of cases of unbalance.
– Treat the symptoms of the disorder channel half-circular inner ear.
– To protect the ear from infection with hearing loss.
– Treatment of Meniere’s disease.
– Treat the whistling ears.
– Helps in the treatment of irregular and fluctuating blood pressure.
– The treatment of disorders of the middle ear.
– The treatment of disease of the Rotary vestibule which leads to feeling dizzy and unbalance.

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Price and specifications of the tablets BETASERC base for the treatment of dizziness and loss of balance

دواء بيتاسيرك أقراص لعلاج الدوخة والدوارMedication base tablets for the treatment of dizziness and vertigo

Dosage and usage instructions

– The doctor determines the dosage according to the condition of each patient.
– Dose initial adult is a tablet or 2 tablet 3 times a day .
– The doctor determines the duration of treatment needed depending on the situation and severity, ranging from period treatment enacted two weeks and 4 weeks has been up for several months according to the condition of the patient.
– Are taking medication after eating about 30 minutes.
– Treatment starts at a dose of 48 A and 32 A are then reduced to 24 A in divided doses throughout the day.
– If the prescribed dose 32 A is divided on two doses twice daily, each dose to 16 mg.
– Dose and 24 A are ingested 3 times daily.
– You must swallow the disc whole without chewing or cracking with a sufficient amount of money.
– You must take the tablets at the time the fixed daily.
– You should not stop taking the medication without consulting a doctor, where the causes a sudden stop in the occurrence of health problems of the patient.
– You must comply with that prescribed by your doctor and do not skip it.
– You must comply with the time period prescribed by the doctor for treatment accurately.
– You should tell your doctor other medicines that the patient is taking before beginning treatment.
– You should not combine the peace and medicine to treat epilepsy, depression, and analgesics.

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Side effects

May cause a drug peace in the occurrence of some side effects, which is not necessary to occur when all patients, of the most important of these symptoms:

– The appearance of allergic symptoms such as itching and scratching, skin rash, with swelling of the face, mouth and tongue.
– Decrease in blood pressure may up to losing consciousness.
– Colic pain in the stomach.
– Diarrhea or constipation.
– Indigestion and acidity.
– Headache and lack of concentration.
– Difficulty in swallowing and breathing.

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دواء بيتاسيرك اقراصMedication base tablets

Sites objectives to use

Prevents the use in the following cases:

– Not used in cases of infection with severe allergic reactions to components of the medication or of the active substance.
– Not used for patients with allergies asthma severe.
– Not used for patients with gastric ulcer.
– Not used for patients with liver, kidney, and renal failure.

Use during pregnancy and lactation

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– Not this drug is used during pregnancy because it affects the growth of the fetus and may cause abnormalities or premature birth and fetal weight.
– Do not use this medication during breastfeeding period because it reaches the infant through the breast milk and cause no damage.

Use while driving

You should not drive a car or operate machinery acute during the period of treatment with base because it causes drowsiness and dizziness and lack of focus which is dangerous for the life of the patient, the patient can return to drink normal after getting rid of these symptoms.

Preservation and storage

– Store the medicine away from the reach of the hands of children.
– Keep away from heat, moisture and the sun’s harmful.
– Store in room temperature.

The price of the tablets base

Every base in the pharmacies at the following prices:
– Package contains 60 tablet focus 16 A at a price of 88.25.
– Box contains 100 tablets concentration of 8 A at a price of 63 pounds.

We have provided you a comprehensive medical report on the drug base tablets, which is used in the treatment of dizziness and vertigo and balance problems ear blood circulation, which has proved its effectiveness in improvement of symptoms and provide comfort to the patient of these annoying symptoms.

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