Price and specifications of the Colchicine colchicine tablets to treat gout and fever Mediterranean

The elements of the decision

Believed colchicine tablets of medicinal drugs that treat gout strongly, but the mind prevents many of the pathological conditions to prevent relapses or symptoms of serious side here’s more about colchicine tablets.

Drug colchicine pills article effective extract from the flower of the Colchicum, and then mounted in the laboratory.

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Reasons to use tablets colchicine

  • The property is described in order to alleviate aches and gout.
  • Colchicine tablets is prescribed to relieve inflammation of the joints.
  • Colchicine helps in some specific cases, in the treatment of disease of the liver cirrhosis
  • The property may also prescribed for the treatment of severe diseases that affect the liver.
  • May be prescribed for treatment of cancer patients.
  • The property is prescribed for the treatment of familial Mediterranean fever.
  • The property may be effective in the treatment of the syndrome of spasm of the colon.
  • Real estate also handles all of Behcet’s disease and psoriasis.

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  • Dose the property determined by the doctor according to the pathological category the patient’s age group but may be dealing with the patient’s property without reference to the doctor.
  • The property exists in the form of the form of tablets or pills.
  • The property store in a place away from high heat or moisture.
  • The drug stimulates in the degree of 25 degree centigrade at room temperature.
  • Usually the oral dose is 1.2 mg, and then you may then increase this dose to become 0.6 mg, but according to the instructions of the physician according to the patient’s health.

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أقراص كولشيسين Tablets colchicine

Sites and the reserves before taking the drug.

  • Free for those who suffer from allergies of a component of the property.
  • The property gives children who did not exceed the age of eighteen.
  • Pregnancy, the real estate is forbidden in pregnancy to prevent abnormalities to the fetus must be of refer to your doctor.
  • Breastfeeding, you must consult a doctor to prevent the integrity of the property into breast milk.
  • Tell your doctor all medications you are taking.
  • I told the doctor with a family medical history.
  • The patient should continue taking the medication even if it improved his health.
  • Find the signal to that in the case of take the drug to treat and relieve it of gout, the feeling of the improvement in the symptoms of gout attacks appear within 6 to 24 hours.
  • It may also be the overall effect for the Prevention of seizures for several days.
  • Prefer to consult a doctor in the quality of the food you eat in the case of real estate.
  • The property must be saved in an airtight container, in a cool, dry place.
  • The property must be saved away from reach of children and away from light.
  • In case you forget the dose, you should take medication immediately at the actors if the faces pharmacokinetics the following during the 30 minutes, eating one meal.

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Side effects drug colchicine

  • The property may cause side effects for some patients and not the patients other any side effects.
  • It should be noted that in the case of overdose of the medication or use it for a long time to appear many problems, including dismissal, hiding the difficulty of wound healing.
  • In general may cause infertility the side effects of the following:
  • May cause weakening of the body’s immunity and thus the ease of infection.
  • Injury to throw up.
  • The property is also known as medical reduces the number of platelets that help to clot the blood and thus the difficulty in the healing of wounds and injuries.
  • May cause the property of anemia..
  • Diarrhea.
  • Injury with abdominal side effects famous for.
  • May cause property disorders in the skin.
  • Likely to cause the property to a malfunction of the liver.
  • May cause property temporary contract men, where this drug has caused the decline in the number of sperm.
  • Of the most important symptoms of the vacation nanny for the effect on the nerves negatively.
  • May cause infertility in some cases damage to the chromosome, and therefore likely to cause infertility the infertility the incidence of infertility.
  • It should be noted that when treatment with colchicine at a significant pace when you are suffering from cases of gout attacks, you must immediately stop taking the medication if the case of diarrhea or abdominal pain.

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The price of the property

Refill tablets COLCHICINE colchicine is present in the pharmacy at a concentration of 1 set contain 20 tablet at a price of 181 pounds .

We have provided you information about colchicine tablets, but you must consult a doctor, the site is not responsible for take the drug without consulting your doctor.

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