Price and specifications of lyrica medication capsules for the treatment of epilepsy inflammation of the nerves

The elements of the decision

Uses lyrica medication for the treatment of epilepsy and the problem of the inflammation of the nerves that produced in most cases of diabetes and is characterized by the effect of his rapid and powerful effect.

Works to see to calm the nerves and helps to this relieves pain that is caused by damage to nerve cells caused by the herpes virus and diabetes and spinal cord injuries.
Needs of the drug the active substance ” Brisbane” is available in the form of capsules in various concentrations, is or, of 75 A and 150 A, and 300 a.

So what are the reasons for the use of this drug and its use and can cause injury addiction is? The answer to these questions through the following report.

Reasons for using capsules lyrica

Uses a drug to see in the treatment of the following pathological conditions:

– Treatment of neuropathic pain in patients with diabetes.
– The treatment of pain resulting from spinal cord injury.
– Treatment of muscle pain.
– The treatment of pain resulting from peripheral nerve damage resulting from injury to respect firearms, and chicken pox .
– Treatment of epilepsy.
– Treatment of muscle pain.
– Treat mental disorders, anxiety and tension and nervousness.
– The treatment of insomnia and sleep disorders.
– Problems with memory and concentration.

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lyrica دواء لعلاج الصرع والتهابات الأعصابlyrica medication for the treatment of epilepsy inflammation of the nerves

Dosage and usage instructions

– The doctor determines the dosage depending on the condition of the patient’s health.
– The usual dose of medication to see is one tablet twice daily, morning and evening, or one tablet 3 times a day.
– The drug is administered after meals so as not to cause problems in the gastrointestinal tract.

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Is dose adjustment for the elderly kidney patients.
– You must comply with that prescribed by your doctor carefully and not exceeded.
– You should stop taking the medication gradually and avoid a sudden stop without consulting a doctor.

Side effects

With respect to the patient some of the side effects after you stop taking the medication such as headache, nervousness, diarrhea, constipation, anxiety and dizziness vertigo, can also be infected with some symptoms during the treatment period including:

– Can the patient feels the symptoms of allergy such as rash, itching and swelling of the face and throat, throat tongue.
– Feeling sleepy and the desire to sleep.
– You know the older the drug fainting.
– Can some patients weight gain especially diabetics.
– Can be infected some patients with heart function.
– May develop other story in the kidney function.
– Can identify problems related to vision is affected vision temporarily.
– Some patients of psychological problems during treatment and appear to have suicidal tendencies and may harm themselves especially with prolonged use.
– Problems in the digestive tract, poor digestion and constipation.
– The occurrence of a blockage in the intestine.
– Incidence of cramps after eating.
– The occurrence of swelling in the extremities.
– Feeling light-headed, loss of ability to focus.
– Dryness of the mouth.

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lyrica دواء كبسولاتlyrica drug capsules

Sites to use

Not this drug is used in the following cases:

– The presence of allergy against the active ingredient.
– Do not use in conjunction with alcoholic beverages.
– Not used in conjunction with allergy medications.
– Not used with medicines for treating cold, flu and antibiotics.
– Do not use with drugs hypnotic sedative.
– Not used with drugs to treat heart and high blood pressure.
– Do not use with laxatives.
– Do not be used in children and adolescents less than 18 years where there are no studies to indicate the safety of using this medication for this age group.
– Do not used during pregnancy because it can cause abnormalities of the fetus.
– Is not used during the stage of breastfeeding because it is up to the infant through breast milk and can cause no damage and affects his nervous system.
– You must stop driving and the use of sharp instruments during treatment with this medication because it causes vertigo and dizziness and affect an individual’s ability to focus and perception.
– Not used for patients with insufficiency of liver and kidney.
– Not used patients with cardiovascular.

Is cause medication lyrica addiction?

This medication can cause addiction in the case of exceeding the dose prescribed by your doctor and use it for long periods without stopping and without consulting a doctor, so treatment should be done under the supervision of Dokki flour, and the symptoms of addiction caused by this drug include the following:

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– Feeling dizzy and dizziness.
– Disturbances in vision.
– Incidence of erectile dysfunction and loss of libido.
– Loss of ability to focus and mindfulness.
– Feeling of depression and desire for solitude.
– The desire to suicide and self-harm.
– Excess nervous structure.

Can treat addiction by following a set of steps are:

– You should not stop taking the drug abruptly.
– To stop the medication gradually under the supervision of a physician.
– Treat side effects addiction especially anxiety, stress, nervousness, diarrhea, excess sweating, and insomnia.
– Subjecting the patient to a course of treatment myself drug to help the patient get rid of the presence of the drug in the body gradually until they are cured.

Price of lyrica medication

– lyrica medication available in pharmacies in packs containing 20 capsules concentration of 50 mg at a price of 90 pounds.
– lyrica medication available in pharmacies in packs that contain 20 capsules the A is priced at 142 pounds.
– Medication to see available in pharmacies in packs containing 30 capsules concentration of 75 mg at 201 pounds.
– Medication to see available in pharmacies in packs containing 20 capsules concentration of 150 A at 182 pounds.

So the lyrica a medicine used to treat epilepsy and problems of the nerves but it must be done under medical supervision doses specific so as not to cause addiction and the future health of the patient.

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