Prevention of smoking

وسائل الوقاية من التدخين

وسائل الوقاية من التدخين

Might start smoking teenagers brilliantly, but it might be a long-term problem, in fact the majority of adult smokers smoking in adolescence. Dear reader, you can follow these tips, they think of the Prevention of smoking as we know is always that prevention is better than cure.

Prevention of smoking

Prevention of smoking to be a good example

Smoking in adolescence is more common among adolescents who have smoking parents. If you smoke, start your plan now in the takeoff and consult your doctor. In the meantime, don’t smoke in front of your teen and don’t leave smoking materials in your home. Explain to the teenager that you are happy to smoke you, and that you will continue trying until you stop smoking forever.

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Understand the means of temptation among teens

  • Can be smoking adolescent form of rebellion or a way to organize a certain group of friends, you may smoking teenagers feel independent.
  • Ask your teenager what he knows about smoking and the use of e-cigarettes, and friends smoking.
  • Talk with your child about how to try to tobacco companies to influence the thoughts related to smoking, for example through advertising or product placement in the movies that create the perception that smoking is usually attractive and mature.

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Give daughter of smoke

You may feel as though your teenager doesn’t hear what you say, but tell him anyway, tell your teen that smoking is not allowed, since in the Post-raise you.

Don’t think about cigarettes

  • Believe that electronic cigarettes, cigarettes containing cloves (Cretans), cigarette flavored sugar (pawn) hookah, is less harmful than traditional cigarettes. But they all have health risks.
  • Electronic cigarette is a battery-operated devices you heat up a liquid (don’t always contain nicotine), which turns it into a vapor that can be inhaled, can e-cigarettes also can make teens addicted to nicotine and therefore the smoking of traditional cigarettes.
  • In recent months, reported the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for more than 1000 cases in the lung associated shot blasting, recommends the food and Drug Administration not to use the network for any product contains ATV quad hydroponically.

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Prevention of smoking to avoid the pressure of the debtors

  • You must understand the person that refusal of cigarettes does not reduce would versa completely.
  • Trained him on how to deal with social situations difficult, in his view, of course.
  • You have to believe that it’s as simple as saying “No Thanks, I don’t smoke”.

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The dangers of smoking

  • Most adolescents believe that smoking occasionally will not cause their addiction, and if they smoked regularly, they can stop smoking anytime they want. So you must remember my son that smoking is highly addictive, but once you become addicted due to smoking consume at least five packs of cigarettes.
  • You must be knowing that smoking causes mouth unpleasant odor, and makes your clothes smell and your hair is also full of smoke, and your fingers and teeth yellow, smoking can also cause chronic cough.

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Prevention of smoking to participate in the activities

Take an active position against smoking, such as participating in campaigns to prevent smoking, and support efforts to make public places free of smoking, increased taxes on tobacco products, talk to your Early regarding the dangers of smoking.

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In the end, dear reader, there must be awareness of the dangers of smoking, and it’s not usually loved, as depicted by some, but they are usually dangerous and threatening the life of the individual, so if you have any questions regarding the smoking risks you can consult one of our doctors here.

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