Please for the month of Ramadan


We will talk in this article about diet for the month of Ramadan through the website the idea of the holy month of Ramadan is very suitable to lose weight, as it helps the human to the dairy on eating small amounts of food, Man fasting day length it can endure for a night, the remaining little amount of food that clog the body’s need and the nutrients are useful and necessary to build it .

Some healthy habits in the month of Ramadan

  • This year is dedicated to the owners desire to lose weight just on the contrary they are very useful for all those who want to pass him the holy month of Ramadan without mint any disease in the stomach or injury to the Guess gas, due to the wrong habits that follow them all in this holy month.
  • First we have to make sure the performance of the Maghrib prayer before breakfast: when you hear the adhaan we drink a glass of water with some dates and layer a little of the soup warm and prepare the body to receive food and when you do that you will the body becomes relaxed and does not need to be large amounts of food .
  • After the prayer breakfast can be taken in reasonable quantities is preferably foods Health light, after breakfast, is drinking water and juices only in the period between breakfast and the large amount help the body to recoup the money lost from it .
  • Freedom to exercise in the fasting period or walking or dancing to increase the rate of fat burning .
  • War to be crushing the contents of the I legumes Calvin and leafy vegetables and cucumbers, make sure to be eating foods that fill the stomach and the sensation of satiety for a long time, and he gave cheese manufacturer .
  • Be sure to drink fluids that refuse of the war in Suhoor and Iftar .
  • Stay away from eating sweets is complete with small-scale daily, can replace the white sugar alternatives to the existing pharmacy or to work .

A suitable diet for the month of Ramadan


  • Four tablespoons of beans and boiled egg and green and two slices of brown toast or white or a quarter of my loaf .
  • Card or boiled lettuce and boiled egg it .
  • Or a large glass of skimmed milk with oat and fruit protein .
  • Or two slices of toast and two slices of cheese Roma fruit fruit.
  • Or a cup of yogurt and boiled egg its a quarter of my loaf and green salad and a cup of green tea .


  • A dish of soup, a warm quarter chicken grilled or boiled, four fingers stuffed cabbage or grape leaves, salad green vegetable soup .
  • Or a dish of white beans or Green was released, grilled chicken and four tablespoons of rice and a green salad .
  • Four fingers of the meatballs and green and a quarter of a loaf .
  • Quarter kilo grilled fish and green salad a small platter brown rice .
  • You can eat a piece of candy after just one breakfast .

Note that this diet rich in nutrients that your body needs, you will notice a big difference more than salary that makes you unable to perform the acts of worship that are supposed to increase in this holy month, and will not suffer from any fatigue or fatigue caused by a full stomach, you will be burning a large number of calories .

In case of any query about diet in Ramadan, we can your comments below the article through the site of the idea.

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