Pityriasis rosea: symptoms and how to diagnose them and how you can treat pityriasis rosea

Pityriasis rosacea

Is a disorder, or a rash common, observed in healthy people, often in children and young people, which are similar in some characteristics with other types of skin disorders similar as the example, and this disorder automatically in a period ranging between 6-8 weeks, this rash quickly; where it begins to form a tiny spot, then spread on the skin very quickly.

Define pityriasis rosea often in people between the ages of 10 and 35 years, which affects women more than men.


There is no apparent reason Bran rosacea, but the herpes virus infection of Type 6 or 7 or 8 may be accused of, however, not be regarded as pityriasis rosacea a contagious disease.

The symptoms of pityriasis rosacea

  • Feeling unwell accompanying headache, fever and pain in the joints, fatigue in the show before the injury rash days.
  • Pink spots: and the form of patch red oval or pink, known as “spot the Herald” feature B:
  1. Color them pink or red.
  2. Large patches initially elevated from the skin a little.
  3. Size from 2-10 CM.
  4. Initially appear on the abdomen or chest or back or neck, and can cover the face and head.
  5. Then spread in most of the body and small size.
  6. Not painful but its itchy a.

How is the diagnosis of pityriasis rosacea

Is the diagnosis of pityriasis rosea is clinically in most of the cases, and in general, the laboratory tests are not necessary except in the case of similarity with other diseases.

When to visit the doctor

Button doctor if your rash is not clear, the doctor will be able to confirm whether your injury is pityriasis rosea or the case of other skin such as eczema or psoriasis, or other.


Pityriasis rosea usually disappear without treatment within 12 weeks, and treatment is needed only if you suffer from annoying itching.

Treatments include available:

  • Moisturizers and creams that hydrate and the skin; and use the special soap, because regular soap can cause irritation and skin rashes.
  • Antihistamines especially if you are having trouble sleeping because of the government, where they make you sleepy, such as hydroxy gender or clean.
  • UV treatment in case of failure of previous treatments.

As can pityriasis rosacea

Pityriasis rosea disappear within six to twelve weeks, may continue the emergence of faint signs of a few months in people with dark skin, but in the end, the skin returns to its normal appearance.

You cause pityriasis rosacea any complications

Been recorded cases of miscarriage in the early period of pregnancy after maternal infection with marrow rosacea, where it was recorded abortion in 8 of the 61 women were studied. Also premature birth and other pregnancy problems have been recorded in some cases.


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