Pills Primus two Premosan for the treatment of ulcer of the stomach, colon and duodenum


We will talk in this article about the drug Primus two Premosan indications pathologies and appropriate groups through the website of idea , there’s a lot of people around the world suffer from pain in the knowledge whether it is ulcers or infections or indigestion, difficulty in digestion and vomiting, nausea and other stomach ache but here’s recommended by doctors medication Primus two because it is considered a fast acting medication, but the condition that is commitment to quality by the specialist doctor .

Drug Primus two :

  • There’s a drug that Primus the devil in the form of tablets and syrup and also is in the form of suppositories state injection .
  • Uses medication Primus two in the treatment of ulcers and inflammation of the stomach, nausea, vomiting and other .
  • The name of the manufacturer for reasons of Primus is a company called gulf Pharmaceutical industries .

Mechanisms of drug Primus two :

  • The scientific name of the drug Primus is metoclopramide is a component that helps to solve the health problems your stomach and helps digestive system without effect on the rate of exudate .

Reasons for the use of the drug Primus two :

Uses medication Primus in the treatment of many diseases and health problems in these cases :

  • Uses medication Primus in the treatment of infections and
  • Also use medication to Primus in the treatment of vomiting and nausea .
  • Benefit medication Primus in the treatment of disorders of the gastrointestinal tract .
  • Helps you take medication to Primus in the treatment of high the esophagus .
  • Also help medication Primus two in the treatment of recurrent deformity paralysis of the intestinal people treatment for diabetes .
  • Preferably, too, this drug in the treatment of migraine headaches and bouts of hiccups continuing, too .
  • Also help medication Primus two in the treatment of indigestion and difficulty digestion and chronic constipation .

The dose of a drug Primus two :

  • Choose the doses that are prescribed by a physician competent from person to person according to age and according to focus different doses covered by great little eating
  • First, adults and children from the age of 9 years and above are taking the tablets three tablets a day .
  • Either drink a dose equal to 5 ml three times daily .
  • Secondly kids of age 5 to 9 years take the dose of half a teaspoon three times a day .
  • Kids from the age of 3 to 5 years take a dose of 2 to 3 the order of the day .

Stop using the medicine Primus two :

  • You should not stop using the medicine Primus only after consulting your doctor because this may adversely affect the life of the patient .

Sites medication use Primus two :

Prevents the use of the drug Primus in many cases, including :

  • No medication should be used Primus in the case of persons who suffer from allergy to some components of the drug .
  • Prevents the use of the drug Primus also for people who suffer from a blockage in the stomach or bleeding in the digestive tract .
  • You should not use a medicine Primus also for people who suffer from a tumor in the adrenal gland .
  • And also prevent its use for people suffering from epilepsy .

Side effects drug Primus two :

There are a lot of side effects and the symptoms which the medication user is primus like :

  • The desire to sleep significantly .
  • The inability to move .
  • The injury flattened the mountains .
  • Enter a state of depression .
  • And other side effects .

Way to save drug Primus two :

  • Stimulates the drug Primus out of the hands of children .
  • Also stimulates the away from moisture and heat .

Does taking medicine for Primus on the pregnant woman and down to Earth, huh?

Yes affects medication Primus on a pregnant woman and down to earth, you must use it, but after consulting a competent doctor .

The site is not responsible for the use of medication Primus two without consulting a doctor, in case there are any queries about medication Primus we use your comments below the article through the site of the idea .

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