Pills involved BEFOLVIT for the treatment of anemia and abnormalities of embryos


We will talk in this article about the involved BEFOLVIT through the website of idea seeing that a lot of ladies pregnant when to go to follow-up with the doctor says as I don’t folic acid for fear on the fetus of displacement as a lot of patients with anemia, malnutrition, all these people in great need of folic acid and here we mention the Open is the most important acid Foley you .

Tablets me involved BEFOLVIT :

  • The medication pepper in the form of tablets .
  • Used to treat anemia as well as to replenish the cells and to protect the embryos from the distortions and uses another many .
  • The name of the manufacturer of the drug is Kuwaiti Saudi Pharmaceutical Industries .

And mosques in the hope concentrations are :

  • 1 mg .
  • 5 mg .

Tablets my hope is a pleasure to use :

  • The drug is used to treat all the causes of anemia are both caused by malnutrition, or during pregnancy or because of a lack of folic acid itself as well as treats anemia large pellets .
  • Protects the fetus from the risk of cracking the spine .

Dose pills me hope :

  • The dosage is determined by your physician and a commitment to quality specified and does not increase or the charges are dealt with and are not stop taking the medication only after a doctor to do so .
  • It is a dietary supplement that can be taken after food or before .

Contraindications to use tablets me hope :

  • Prevents the use of the medicine if you suffer from excessive sensitivity to the survival of one of the components of the drug core .
  • Not taking the medication but consult your doctor .
  • Don’t eat, if anemia in the stage of a malignant or if the cause of anemia deficiency of vitamin B 12.
  • Don’t be consumed by heart patients or who suffer from epileptic seizures .
  • Would prefer not to take medication if you suffer from kidney problems or cirrhosis of the liver.

The two side cut expenses me hope :

  • Involves changer of the rest of the drugs may cause the appearance of some unwelcome side effects of which vary from person to person vary according to the nature of his body and his health status is also one of these symptoms :
  • May occur mental disorders cause movements involuntary .
  • Severe disorders with flatulence and exit of gases abdominal
  • Quickly stop the confusion and discomfort .
  • Lost sense of taste and loss of appetite .
  • Intense excitement.
  • Lost the ability to focus.

Are you influenced by in the open other medicines for?

Yes, there are some drugs that stop the work of the Beaver roll vote and influence, so the doctor must be fully aware of the situation. health is there supplements or other drugs are ingested or not and these drugs :

  • Barbiturates, or Tetracycline, and Pyrimethamine, and Methotrexate, and Diphenylhydantoin and Phenytoin, and Primidone, and Nitrofurantoin .
  • As well as be affected by aspirin, and Lasix photo (furosemide), the levothyroxine, Lipitor(atorvastatin), to Lanka (brain), methotrexate, Nexium (esomeprazole), the hydroxy crown, and Plavix (klopedogral), Cingular (as Montelukast), and warfarin (Coumadin and jantoven), Xanax (alprazolam), phenytoin .

Does it affect before the pregnancy?

Of course involved is very important at the stage of pregnancy it is necessary the mother’s body protects the fetus from any occurrence of deformation .

Does it affect even the relationship marriage?

Yes it is cause increased arousal and therefore increases sexual desire .

Did you fit the intake of alcohol with the medication?

I don’t fit the intake of alcohol or any substance stimulant other because it affect the effect of drug-versa .

The site is not responsible for taking the drug without consulting the doctor in case of any query about the hope we can your comments below the article through the site of the idea.

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