Phobia or phobias: types, symptoms, causes, and treatment

Phobias are a type of anxiety disorder night, skip a person suffers from the fear of very severe and irrational of a specific location or an animal or a particular place or thing.

I didn’t have a personal fob, probably trying in his whole life avoiding the thing da. Phobia or phobias are mental disorders amenable to diagnosis.

A person night at the FOB of the particular need this fear is so severe I didn’t face up to the situation de. This may stop him from that act of nature were hours to panic attacks or Panic attacks.

You are phobia’s?


Phobia or phobias are fear is exaggerated and irrational.

In the 3 types of phobia or phobias I think BAY, The American Psychiatric Association (APA). They are:

  • Phobia or specific phobia: an intense fear and irrational of a specific thing.
  • Social phobia, or social anxiety: a profound fear of exposure, embarrassment or trade or cash at the site of a certain social. The idea of social gatherings great for Night sale of social anxiety is a terrifying idea. And social anxiety is quite different from the idea of shame.
  • Area: phobias de-linked attitudes night hip hard on the person he’s run away from them, to increase it be in the elevator! (source) or Barham House or transportation. People night far from the area the possibility of they get disorder panic disorder panic disorders great.

It is known that the phobia is the simplest types of phobias because of possible win for a particular status as possible excited about bedding a lot in the daily life of the people, increase weary of. Thus, the possibility of it’s impact on daily life for a few.

For social or the social anxiety are from a phobia of battle, because reasoned their mesh is easy to know her. Walkman Pippen difficult to avoid causing it in the daily life of the people, increasing it’s his house or in a large crowd of people.

Possible to say that the phobia Betim rated on it’s condition, why a person begins to organize his life, he avoids causing fear da.

Symptoms of phobias

أعراض الفوبيا

Anyone who has been this his symptoms de:

  • Great concern can not be controlled not with regard to the source of the fear that.
  • A feeling that the source of the fear he must avoid any wishful thinking.
  • The inability to act normal. when exposure to the source of the fear that.
  • Recognize that fear da illogical and unreasonable and exaggerated, coupled with the inability to control it.

Natural to feel person tonight at the FOB of the particular need the participation of the panic and anxiety when exposed to it for some reason phobias de. The physical effects for the DA, including:

Sweating, difficulty in breathing, quickened heartbeat, chills, pain in the chest, dryness of mouth, confusion, nausea, dizziness, and headache.

For the night when fob, Pippen is very easy to them they feel concerned about the way they think about the cause of the phobia de. For the children, may father and mother notice easily that they’re into, or they try to to to. Or I answer their tantrum to show people the sense of two-Paix.

Phobia of knowledge

Phobias on the possible impact on a person’s Life Natural more than phobia simple.

For example, the people when groups as possible to have more than fob Taani is linked to The been de. Increase the move, or the fear that she is alone, allclothes, no feeling trapped in enclosed spaces.

In severe cases, rarely Bissau persons are their homes.

Types of phobias

أنواع الفوبيا

More types of phobias prevalent are:

  • The fear of closed spaces or claustrophobia
  • Fear of flying
  • The fear of spiders or arachibutyrophobia
  • The fear of driving a car
  • The fear of nausea
  • Fear of disease or hypochondria
  • Fear of animals or even
  • The fear of water or aquaphobia
  • Fear of heights or acrophobia
  • The fear of blood and all that is linked to the Bay
  • The fear of escalators or escape
  • The fear of tunnels.

DE is the most types of phobias known. However, people might fear unreasonable fear of anything. With the development of societies, development of the list of phobias de. Visit nove night is the fear of you will be non-mobile or a computer.

The causes of phobias

أسباب الفوبيا

Mesh normal to phobia begins after the age of 30, because in most of the phobias in childhood, adolescence, or adulthood. Possible be caused by a difficult experience Marina Bay, or a scary location or extent of family interests over certain possible teach them to his children.

Phobias specific

Is usually decided by the public in the age of 4 to 8 years. In some cases, Baker DA as a result of an early experience painful. As well as be caused by to one of the family sources been de. The night Mama set me from the fear of spiders, for example, more susceptible to the same phobia de.

Phobia of knowledge

In fact, at a severe need I do research more to confirm the exact cause of the injury care or social anxiety. Most researchers public sale see that the cause of phobia of knowledge is linked to experience of life the quantity and the data.

In research Tania report this is linked to the habits of early humans, the night was a bit of open spaces and unknown persons is a threat to personal safety.

How works the time the feeling of been

In areas of the store and all the serious events of the night over the Bay a person. If the duty person the position is similar, areas DE to memory de, hours more than once. Da Jesus body take one reaction every time he faces the thing of the night shitting out paint.

Researchers of that phobia linked to the DAE part in the named “the locus coeruleus-amygdala”, the night is located behind the pituitary gland pituitary gland completely. Why bitcoin exposed person person of the night, causing the Les fob to the locus coeruleus in the hormone release of “the ball and the fight-or-flight”. That gets my body on high alert in case of severe pressure.

Treatment of phobias

علاج الفوبيا

In truth, phobia of things can treat it dramatically, because the people of the night when the fob Pippin a knowing da choise . UDA Bissau in diagnosis too. Accordingly, the formation of the first step of treatment is that you speak with the doctor myself.

Of course da dogs most people mesh HTN, especially from the owners of phobia specific because as long as the phobia is de-substantiated and serious problems, most of the people you try to avoid the source of her fear very simply. For the fee involved, the person tries to avoid causing phobias Baker hard thanks to the person speak with Dr. same is the solution.

Possible writes Dr. for the patient been Treatment of behavior or medications or a combination of the two. Beijing, the goal of treatment here, it reduces the symptoms of phobia of the fear and anxiety and it helps him to run his reactions towards causing phobia da.


Beta-blockers: possible help reduce the physical signs to night with accompany phobias. Possible side effects include upset stomach, fatigue, insomnia, and fingers.

Antidepressants: http usually selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors for the people tonight they’re doing of phobias. It is with emotion on serotonin levels in the brain, which possible leads to feeling in a better mood. Possible initially caused nausea, sleep problems, and headaches.

If selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors High live good, possible Dr prescribed inhibitor of monamine oxidase – monoamine oxidase inhibitor. People poodle drugs de possible you refrain from eating certain. Possible side effects be dizziness, upset stomach, insomnia, headaches..

Take antidepressants, increase clomipramine, or several, possible helps in the treatment of phobias. And its side effects drowsiness, blurred vision, constipation, difficulty urinating, irregular heartbeat, and vibration.

Sedatives: benzodiazepines example on tranquilizers the night of the possible Dr prescribed it for patients with phobias. This may help reduce symptoms of anxiety. And for people tonight when the date in alcoholism find take sedatives player.

Behavioral therapy

Here in a number of therapeutic options for the treatment of phobias.

Exposure therapy: it is possible to help the people tonight they’re doing from phobia to change their reaction towards the source of their fear. Betim exposing them gradually to the interests of their fear on a series of steps escalating. For example a person with dementia from the airline, as possible take the steps De:

  1. Thinking in aviation.
  2. Look at the pictures for the tracks.
  3. Like the airport.
  4. System simulation to a plane.
  5. Finally, riding a plane.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy: helps the doctor the affected person been it’s about the different ways to understand the reaction and its source. This may create dealing easier. More important, almost, that cognitive behavior therapy as possible know of the sale of the phobia he’s talking in his feelings and thoughts.

In the other possible to say that phobias could be a source of fear and constant company. However, the possible relationship in most cases, and often a person night when fob Betim side of the source of fear da Salvation. If you are scared of a certain need or when the sense is more accurately “fob”, but the only night mint to be afraid of is that you request the assistance of the doctor myself.

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